2016 Maserati Levante SUV Review

Monday, April 18th, 2016 - 2016, Maserati

2016 Maserati Levante SUV Review

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The new Maserati Levante opens up the Italians new base and a new target group. We hunted the sporty luxury SUV over asphalt and in the mud on the first meters!

Prior to the decision of the new Maserati Levante the Italians of a serious question had to face development, whose answering generally quite easy: die in beauty or engage in something new? Many of the small but fine carmakers are facing the same question and not only Maserati has opted for the new country. And you can take that literally confidently, because if the new Maserati Levante will celebrate its market launch in may 2016, the Italians with the first SUV in the company’s history dare actually on new terrain. Pretty much five meters long, unusually flat for an SUV, and dynamic he should not only over the boulevards stroll, but storm indeed the moguls. “Even if no customer ever will try it out, a sensible off-road capabilities is the ticket in this segment,” says CEO Harald Wester and constitutes not only the 6.5 million test kilometers in all men’s countries, but also the high technical effort for the Adonis gone wrong. Not for nothing even the all-wheel drive and five driving modes from track are standard in addition to the air suspension and the limited slip differential to rally track. And for good reason, also our first exit with the leads new Maserati Levant not only on narrow, winding roads of Emilia Romagna, but without regard for the noble 21-incher or the 13 iridescent paint colors through the undergrowth: A Maserati in the mud – that there were so far only for rough driving errors.

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Ground clearance or wading depth should be more important than angle, the customers but a whole other number: 580. So much liter contains the trunk and makes the new Maserati Levante the most practical car of the company’s history. Especially, if you kill the split and also pretty comfortable up to 1.80 m rear seat extends the storage space on about 1,600 litres and the power liftgate will swing open with a foot kick. Maserati took it even slides in the trunk, variable Lashing rings and an electrically retractable trailer coupling in the program. But if Wester and his crew on their frontier, it takes only a few minutes and come back on familiar terrain. Because, for them, an SUV is the Levant primarily Maserati and possibly on the second line. Therefore, they also prefer talking about the performance data and begin selling only once with the time being most powerful engine. Although impatient must pay at least 88,000 euros, but they get for a passionate V6 turbo with sinful 430 Horsepower and impressive 580 nm. Even with good two tons unladen weight enough for a Sprint value by 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 264 km/h. Who is halfway reasonable and may forgo the very great pleasure, which gets an also three litre V6 diesel, which 275 HP and also 580 nm hardly less well in the feed is from July for nearly 18,000 euros of less. He sounds maybe not quite so lustfully, up tempo 100 he needs already 6.9 seconds and already at 230 km/h is back. But the punch during startup is no less intense as when the gasoline engine. And instead of 10.9 litres, then just 7.2 litres are m data sheet.


Later Maserati wants to expand the engine range of the Levant: for miser the available in the rest of the world already to start V6 petrol engine with 350 HP that could be for connoisseurs more than 500 PS of strong V8 from the Quattroporte and a Plug-In Hybrid for connoisseurs with a clear conscience versprichen the Italians from 2018. The Levant for the Italians may be and so carefully she keys in the SUV segment into it, he has become but a typical Maserati so new. This is good for the stunning sound that conjures a goosebumps on the tympanic membrane with the first push of the gas, as well as for the passionate design, which are not one whit on conventions and looks so so angry swipes, that Maserati has barred the throat like when Hannibal Lector. And it applies to the ambitious driving behavior. Although the steering system especially in the gasoline engine likely to be something direct, demand more power. But with the lowest priority in the segment, with a total twelve centimetres difference in altitude for the air suspension and an all-wheel drive, which always give preference to the rear, goes the Levant around the corners like a whirlwind. This side v

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