2017 BMW X3 Interior Updates

Saturday, April 30th, 2016 - 2017, BMW

2017 BMW X3 should be not only lighter, more economical and agiler X, in the Interior, the Munich with higher quality materials to attack blow. With luck, our Erlkönig hunters could now take a look at the Interior of the upcoming BMW X 3 (2017). Although some areas still with fabric are veiled, but most controls are already visible in its full glory. Anyone who knows the predecessor spotted immediately many new details: not only steering wheel and iDrive Controller gleam in renewed splendor, also the automatic selector lever has been revised. The most important change concerns the infotainment display because this is in the future – just like all BMW models of the recent past – free-standing on the dashboard throne and no longer be surrounded by a scoop. Most of the buttons and switches made of metal, also what are haptic is likely an impression clearly high quality than the previous plastic parts. Now, it can be seen well, that the Munich at the Interior of the BMW X want to 3 make no compromises (2017) and on the way make the significantly more premium flavor with their middle-class SUV. That is quite understandable because for many car buyers the Interior is at least as important as the exterior design – finally, you spend here significantly longer than when looking at the sheet metal dress.

new BMW X3 2017 spy shot

The third BMW X 3 2017  contact the Munich but also in big shoes because the mid-size SUV is among the pillars of the brand. Last year, BMW sold worldwide almost 140,000 copies of the SUV, plus more than 55,000 units of the Coupé offshoot of X 4. The two SUV are therefore among the best sellers in the program of the Bavaria, though the sequel already in the starting blocks: end of 2017 to the third generation celebrate their market launch and again a piece move up the scale not only in the Interior. The basic technical concept Bayern remains in faithful the new BMW X 3 has a dynamic approach with balanced weight distribution a rear-driven four-wheel drive. Thanks to reduced weight and developed further suspension, the third X to 3 are noticeably agiler and still slightly more turn not require sacrificing comfort on long journeys by the inmates.

new BMW X3 2017 interior news

Behind the gently modified front-end design with flatter headlights and concise lofted double kidney engines of the new modular family are used, but not initially planned three-cylinder. The economical entry-level models such as the BMW 3 sDrive18d will also continue to be available with a classic rear-wheel drive X, more powerful models, the four-wheel drive is always xDrive on board. To further reduce the fleet emissions and of course for markets such as China and North America a plug-in hybrid is decided also, which is of course also available in Europe. In addition to the free-standing display, it will create the intuitive gesture controls in the compact SUV according to current and to contribute together with modern assistance systems, to reinforce the leadership of Munich in terms of digitization and networking.

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