2017 DS 4 Crossback Review, Price, MPG, Interior, Changes

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 - Citroen

A few five-door cars have a line so personal as the DS 4 Crossback: fenders muscle,rear doors with handles camouflaged in the setting of Windows and, in this version,small details (like the plastic inserts around the wheels and stance raised by 3 cm) inspired by the suv.

2017 DS 4 Crossback prices

The 2017 DS 4 Crossback is not made to go unnoticed. Coupé forms though limited rear visibility, that make up part of the rear distance sensors standard on Sport Chic. The 1.6 Turbo 120 horses has a good brio for acceleration, but is paired with a long relations – recovery suffers.

Nouvo DS 4 Crossback Review

Compared with a price of the lowest, this original 2017 DS 4 Crossback offers beautiful finish and a respectable envelope: Xenon/led headlight with serial technology, leather interior and rear dark glass fabric, 18 “alloy wheels and panoramic windscreen in addition to rear distance sensors (essential, given the poor visibility). Rooftop bars, which lend an air of suv, along with the plastic inserts in the wheel arches and bumpersand trim 3 cm high, stand out from other DS version Crossback 4. The spoiler abovethe rear window adds a touch of sportiness and, in fact, driving between the curves is pleasant and the 1.6 Turbo 120 horses has a discreet panache. Not in high gears, though: the recovery is slow and in our lyrics we couldn’t realize the usual tests in the next-to-last March from 40 km/h, so the lower the speed (we had to do in the fourth). Powerful braking and good road holding, with Esp ready to intervene. The safety equipment includes six airbags, while there are no warnings against hit of sleep orthe enclosures nor the automatic emergency braking. However, in crash test of 2011(when he was still the Citroën logo on the hood) the pre-facelift version had obtained the five star Euro NCAP.

2017 DS 4 Crossback interior changes

2017 DS 4 Crossback interior changes

The dashboard and controls. The few keys and the electronic Handbrake give the feeling of a modern car. Standard on the DS touch screen 7 4 Crossback “multimedia system, that by ordering this package Nav Dab doubles as a Navigator. The graphics but it is a bit dated. Pleasant, however, the quality of the materials.

The doors can be opened even when in your pocket, but the rear ones are small and the ceiling that down forces to lower the head. The cabin is very well finished, but not of the most airy, especially behind (in front of the home is not missing): roof fault moving down towards the tail. Black jackets and dark glasses do not help to give a feeling of space. And who sits behind cannot lower the Windows: are fixed, as in a Coupe. Some items, such as the original headrest reminiscent of a boxer’s gloves.

Cargo capacity (385 litres to the couch, 1021 reclinandolo) is just decent for a car long 428 cm. Also among the load threshold (which is 78 centimeters from the ground well) and the bottom of the trunk there is a step by 24 centimeters. Breaking down the couch don’t get a plan, since it forms another step, to 8 billion centimeti.

2017 DS 4 Crossback Test Drive

In the first three gears the 2017 DS 4 1.6 Crossback responds well to the accelerator, while inserting the fourth the Verve fades a lot. The Stop and Start (helps reduce consumption at 17 km/liter) is quick to restart the engine. Not bad comfort over potholes;bad, instead, rear visibility, while manoeuvring the distance sensors (standard) lend a hand.
Out of town. Already to deal with a slight slope or overtaking, the latest reports (long) often forced to put hand to the transmission (from lever well maneuverable) to scale. In the mixed grip is good, and the steering is direct enough. Also, the brakes have a ready answer and feel little stress. Good mileage detected: 19.6 km/liter.
On the highway. At 130 km/h the engine doesn’t feel (sixth works at just 2000 rpm, ensuring a mileage of 15.2 km/l), while you hear some rustling due to the air flowing around the body. The comfort offered by the suspension (which are by no means “chewy”) is good;not flawless, however, accuracy in fast corners.

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