2017 Ford Mustang Fastback: exciting. But how much thirsty!

Saturday, November 12th, 2016 - Ford

Europeans had to wait 50 years for Ford decided to deploy officially in the old continent its most famous sporting: the Ford Mustang, true symbol of motoring in the stars and stripes. After trying the 2017 Ford Mustang Fastback(coupé), we can say that the car gives great satisfaction to fans. To dominate the driving experience is the most generous 5.0 V8, which delivers boost, promptness and “sound” from true sports. Return, trim and steering are up to so much exuberance, and emotions will never fail. All this at a price that, in relation to benefits, it is certainly not over the top. And so, the Mustang you can forgive some plastics from more theoretical than real utilitarian and rear seats, despite the size “abundant” of the car; more worrisome on consumption (always high) and, at least until they change the law, the amount of “Bill” and “superbollo” (related to 421 horses).

2017 Ford Mustang Fastback V6 Coupe

Along with the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang is the most famous sport “made in Usa”. The first edition was published in 1964, and since then has played the role of granturismo (or convertible) gritty, but relatively accessible and characterized by a minimum of convenience, thanks to four places (at least theoretically) and the presence of a boot worthy of the name. Features that are also found in this latest version, modern but that in the listing (and in details such as the rear lights to three vertical strips) recalls the patterns of 60 years; the dimensions are relatively small for Americans, but considerable for us (478 cm long).

Completely new is the first Mustang to be officially imported to Europe, and in fact has been designed and developed to satisfy even the most refined tastes, from the standpoint of driving, old-country enthusiasts. To say, rigid rear multilink suspension replacing the classic bridge, and all cars imported into Europe are fitted as standard on Performance package: 19 “wheels, front spoiler, limited slip differential, larger brakes (very valid) by Italian Brembo and final report. The result is an effective guide and, above all, involving: roadholding is high and steering (with “heaviness” adjustable) accurate although not very direct.

2017 Ford Mustang Fastback Engine Review

Go fast with the Ford Mustang is relatively easy, but you can test loop trying to do the most spectacular developments: in track mode electronic stability and traction controls are put aside and, with 421 horses, does not serve even accelerate efforts to get beautiful scodate of power. Exuberant at every rpm and able to arrive quickly to 6500 RPM maximum power, the 5.0 also has the typical American eight-cylinder sound exciting and is combined with a return well maneuverable. Determination, however, you pay in various ways. First the gas station: in the city, or taking advantage of some horses, walk 5-6 km/liter (and, given the tank of only 61 liters, even autonomy is poor). Such an abundance of horses requires then to shell out every year about 3,500 euros to “stamp”. The latter bloodletting is certainly not the fault of the car, which is sold at a low price in relation to performance, but who is making us a little thought is well put in account. However, a solution that hits less my wallet there: the Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost four-cylinder turbo, with 317 HP. Has the same equipment (good, but with a few electronic driving aid) costs 5,000 euros less and reduces the outlay for ownership tax and fuel. And performance are not bad at all. But it is also true that, for fans “strong and pure,” can only be a Mustang V8.

2017 Ford Mustang Fastback Interior

The bridge of the 2017 Ford Mustang Fastback, quite impressive, is lightened by a wide satin band visually, which rises in the central area to accommodate the 8-inch touchscreen multimedia display system, under which there are commands in the “climate” conditioner and glossy barbells to handle the Esp and various driving modes. Optional the Navigator, comes with the Hi-Fi Shaker (“shakes”) that has an output of 390 Watts and plays through 12 speakers (instead of 9). Sports car seats are also required under test; made by Recaro, are nice and have very protruding side panels, which hold well on track. But costing 2,000 euros and, unlike the standard seats have no electrical regulations (nor the lumbar). Fine leather upholstery marriages, but items such as plastics and plank of wood panels, or the three central round vents are inexpensive.


Since this is a coupe, as long as you are travelling in two there is a complaint: designed for the average American high and robust physique, the 2017 Ford Mustang Fastback is not lacking space. And also access is not difficult. Different speech for the two individual rear seats: are low and sunken, the heads of the passengers are under the rear window (exposed directly to the Sun) and a bit of legroom is only advancing front seats.

As for capacity (408 liters) and accessibility, the compartment is comparable to that of a similar-sized sedan, and then plenty for two people travelling; In addition, it is possible to recline the two rear seats, increasing the depth available from 100 to over 180 cm. Felt lining is of reasonable quality, but if you order the optional Hi-Fi you lose some space: the indentation on the left side hosts the loudspeaker for the bass (woofer).

2017 Ford Mustang Fastback Test Drive

In Town. The 2017 Ford Mustang Fastback behaves acceptably: on uneven doesn’t “jump” too, and the 5.0 is docile and willing. However, it must contend with the size, the heavy clutch to operate and (despite the presence of Stop and Start) high consumption: we measured a distance of 5.7 km with one liter.
Out of town. The 2017 Ford Mustang Fastback will fit in curve accurately, without delays, and is well balanced. The 5.0 is so vigorous that, coming out of tight corners, only the traction control (if connected) can avoid long skids “power”; well the transmission (the six-speed transmission are very spaced, but the pair of V8 remedies “great”) and the brakes that guarantee adequate and “govern” stopping distances well fatigue.
On the highway. The sixth long (130 km/h correspond to 2300 RPM) limits the noise and makes it acceptable consumption (9.6 km with a litre of petrol); However, they feel distinctly large tires that roll onto the tarmac, and a full it is not enough to go from Rome to Milan without having to refuel. The car is quite stable, and the vigor of the V8 ensures effective shooting even in sixth, from 70-80 hours. And in the fifth he “flies”.

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