2017 Mini Clubman Review; More spacius and Excelent upgrade, But The Price?

Sunday, November 6th, 2016 - Mini Cooper

2017 Mini Clubman  – Relaunched in late 2015, the Mini Clubman has become a real family (425 cm long, 29 more than the previous model): now offers a more spacious cabin and four doors vere (before they were three, one of which is “mini” on the right side, while now he has added a in left side and rear are of normal size).

2017 Mini Clubman spy shots

Without abandoning the classic oval headlights, flat roofs, tall smokestacks, boxy window and the two-door hatchback that the Clubman has always been a distinctive feature. The dashboard and console the lines than other Mini, with cured finishes and quality materials. The 2.0 diesel from 150 HP is adequate to the car and, despite not having a truly sporty character, it is still brilliant.

2017 Mini Clubman Review

The 2017 Mini Clubman, original and sophisticated, now has four doors instead of three in the old model, to facilitate access on board. More spacious (for passengers and luggage), retains an unmistakable look, with more rounded shapes and streamers. The 150 HP turbo diesel 2.0 has a decent oomph. Eight-speed automatic transmission (available on request) is sweet and easy, and helps to make driving more enjoyable and easy in every situation (made by Aisin, is a classic Japanese automatic with torque converter, mounted by other models, including the BMW X 1 and 2 Grand Tourer; larger cars there is the best known ZF always eight gears). If in town the car impresses with considerable maneuverability, in winding routes is appreciated for suspensions anything but not rigid, limiting body roll when cornering and ensure a high level of road holding. Precise driving, especially with the Driving Modes (varies on three levels the answers of engine, gearbox and steering) you select the Sport mode, which also makes it more responsive car. The Hype has bi-led, but is expensive and is paid extra accessories which today are often no. As the rear parking sensors: useful because, behind, visibility is low. A value added for safety is the Driving Assistant (optional), with adaptive cruise control, emergency brake in town and showing signs.

2017 Mini Clubman Price and MPG

released on late of 2015 this mini clubman get cost around 31.000 EURO, The Gass Mileage is around 16.7 KM/L

2017 Mini CLubman Interior

Modern and sophisticated, the Interior of the 2017 Mini Clubman reproduce the most characteristic features of the Mini: the dashboard in two instruments behind the steering wheel, and the big screen Ribbon, surrounded by a light ring, at the center of the bridge. All materials are of high quality, soft plastics and assembled with care. Extensive customisation options: a list there are many combinations that can be obtained by combining the colors of the inserts into the dashboard and doors with seat upholstery and steering wheel (carefully crafted almost finished). Among the options available to enhance the facilities there are digital radio and Hi-Fi of Harman/Kardon, 410 Watts and 12 speakers (almost 1,000 euros) and the Navigator Professional of the tested car, which includes 8.8 screen “and also shows satellite maps. But the dual-zone automatic climate control (the series is manual) you pay for it.

2017 Mini Clubman interior dimensions


In front of the space, but also behind two adults cannot complain; tight and less comfortable place for the passenger in the middle of the couch, hindered from above central transmission tunnel (the 2017 Mini Clubman is also available as a 4 x 4 signed ALL4) and by the bulky Cabinet. The front seats are comfortable, with seat and back by very pronounced side panels, which hold well the body curves. Electrical adjustments presets (for driver and passenger) are available as extra. The sofa, wide on both sides, the Center is narrower and has rigid padding. The “climate” Conditioner (optional) includes two rear vents.

The opening is not high, but a large and regular shape. The compartment, well exploited, is illuminated by two lights; between the threshold and the bottom there are 6 cm and, when you fold the sofa, you have a flat bottom. Suitable for a (short) vacation in four, the trunk has a working capacity: 360 litres, 100 more than in the old model. Surcharge, in the package, the backrest into three parts (40/20/40, 40/60 series is). Under the cargo floor lies a large compartment that lets you earn 18 cm in height.

2017 Mini Clubman Test Drive

In town. The engine ready and size do not make the 2017 Mini Clubman easy to drive in confined spaces. The steering is light and automatic changing helpful in reducing stress in traffic. The suspension does not digest the pavé and poor rear visibility puts a little difficulty in parking lots. Not bad consumption, amounting to 14.3 km with one liter.
Out of town. Although the comfort is higher than in other Mini, this version remains fairly rigid: fun on winding roads, rewards with its precise steering and reduced cornering platform surface. And pressing the Sport, responsiveness of the machine increases. The average distance of 18.5 km with a litre of diesel.
On the highway. On asphalt no disconnections traveling on a discreet comfort, especially at a constant speed (130 km/h, in eighth gear, the engine is only 2100 RPM); only when accelerating on 2.0 is felt a little. In corners the roadholding is reassuring. Does not disappoint the recovery after the slowdown. The average distance was 15.9 km with one liter.

Mini Clubman 2017 Pros and Cons


  • Agility. Although grown in size, the car moves well in town.
  • Exchange. The automatic is sweet (but even if needed) when entering the eight-speed transmission.
  • Finishes. The passenger compartment and the baule are crafted with care. Pleasing (both to touch both)
  • coating materials. The Assembly is accurate.
  • Road holding. The behavior of the car is genuine: always instills confidence.

Why not

  • Room amenities. There are many accessories that should be standard: from automatic to “climate” distance sensors.
  • Price. High, while considering the quality of the finishing and the image of the original car.
  • Fifth place. The tunnel between the seats and the Cabinet take space to those who sit in the middle of the couch.
  • Rear visibility. Hampered by the small rear window and “broken” by a large central locking.

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