2017 Renault Zoe Review, Price, Concept

Friday, January 6th, 2017 - Renault

For 2017 Renault Zoe from his electric with an almost twice as large battery, so that the scope correspondingly increases. We tested this out in the Lisbon area and found that his promise.

2017 Renault Zoe range

2017 Renault Zoe concept

Since 2012 offers a specific electric model, the 2017 Renault Zoe, a compact hatchback with particular qualities in an urban environment. In starting with a 65 kW/88 HP Continental engine of and a battery with a capacity of 22 kWh, good for a standard range of 200 km and a real scope (in normal circumstances) of 150 km. A year ago, Renault already upgraded to motor side, with 3 kW/4 HP more power and higher efficiency, so that the effective scope ultimately grew to 170 km, still with the same battery.

What’s new?

New Zoe Z.E. 40 is out practically identical to the current version, with the exception of a new topuitvoering (Bose Edition) and only complementary colors and specific rims. The biggest novelty is that Renault in the same room now has a battery with a capacity of 41 kWh crammed, so the same volume, but with a greater density of cells and storage matter, making them a small 15% weighs more. That is to say that the newcomer is now able to following the NEDC cycle 400 km to ride, in which Renault claims that at least 300 in real driving conditions this Zoe km far.

2017 Renault Zoe ZE Interior changes

How he drives?

Mostly the same as its kind enjoyed with a smaller battery (which by the way in the supply remains), that is, reasonably sharp (although on more difficult, more sloping ground slightly more power would be welcome) but especially agile and comfortable. It remains a pity that 2017 Renault Zoe has no real motor brake with which you can slow down and recover more energy without (yet) that the brake calipers must be enclosed.

The chairs (in the Bose Edition with leather covered) offer too little support, but are now comfortable, the Interior was (in our top version) pleasantly decorated and reasonably well finished (with the exception of the super compact Bose amplifier in the trunk floor is like he just there is smashed).
We were from Lisbon road (along the coast) sent to the North, a 160 km ride which (for voltage) was a sticker pasted on the scope-indication so we went there not to drive. We so easy manoeuvering between the local motorists by (there are 2 types of Portuguese drivers, either gibberish slow either rather reckless and/or scattered). When we reached our sleeping town (after all in 161.3 km) indicated the scope indicator still 154 km, so mission accomplished, with our driving style on these country roads we would 315 km far. the next day we drive a share on the highway and see that this little EV still no friend has to this express freight transport, the range runs than bigger back (count on 250 km at a speed of approximately 110 km/h).

Near our hotel was on day 1 the evening already sunken (also in Portugal is the winter) and we surprised us about the lack of efficiency of 2017 Renault Zoe ‘s headlights. Renault had there with this “face lift” can fix by LEDs in anyway to build, for more light and less energy consumption. Put out the price moderate than so closely?

2017 Renault Zoe Specs and Price

There is an entry level, appropriate Entry is called and is equipped with the less energy supplying 22 kWh battery, for 22,050 euro if the battery has least (rental price between 59 and 99 Euros per month according to the estimated number of kilometres per year). The cheapest version with 41 kWh battery (in Kit version Life) 24,550 euro costs, still with leased battery. The most expensive implementation, Bose Edition, costs euro and offers a 29,150 premium Bose sound system, leather upholstery, heated front seats and a rear view camera on top of the Intense equipment (26,350 euro), which already relatively complete. You can also buy the battery for the first time instead of lease, but which will cost or 8,500 euros extra, regardless of the fact whether it is a 22 or 41 kWh instance. In the case of the largest battery, you can also now choose a DC quick charger (additional cost 700 euros) with which you can upload in a whole hour, but that is not compatible with the modified Renault-electric motor and then you have the less efficient and powerful Continental engine in the forecastle. For Zoé-owners of the first hour would also allow their old (22 kWh) battery swap for the new, weekend from 3,500 euros in a lease formula.

Who are the competitors?

For the time being, the purely electrically powered Zoe  in its compact class (B segment) is still little competition, also price poor None if you opt for the lease formula of the battery. Any competitors (which in scope not get so far) are the VW e-Up or Kia Soul EV (bigger but also more expensive) and (in a premium price range) the BMW i3 (which recently saw its battery also increases but still not to the action radius of this Zoé can match).

The practical duplication of the scope would be for the 2017 Renault Zoe, which since its appearance in Europe a 50,000 copies were sold, the starting signal for a new life and a larger popularity. The Zoé drive pleasant and quite comfortably and is functional enough to be in an urban environment for an attractive form of individual transport, without you, so to speak, on every corner to look out to the next charging pole (of which there are still distressingly little in Belgium). Zoé helps you through R-Link or also an app to quickly such a charging pole to find if the need is still high.

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