2017 Volkswagen Sharan Review, Interior Features, Pros and Cons

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 - Volkswagen

2017 Volkswagen Sharan – It’s not a minivan from the original line, but it has other features that set it apart: first the habitability. With its full body, the sides straight and vertical tail, the 2017 Volkswagen Sharan offers a really airy cabin, suitable to accommodate up to seven adults without too many sacrifices. And then, versatility, indispensable for cars dedicated to the family, starting with sliding doors, improving accessibility to the second and third row seats. Also practice the Easy Fold, which allows you to fold the seats and two at the bottom making them disappear into the trunk. Large and well exploited the trunk, which has a wide opening and adjust and that can provide a long compartment 285 cm (folding the backrest forward of the front passenger seat). Comfortable, even on long trips at full load (because of active suspension, optional), 2.0 TDI diesel from 184 HP is brilliant and effortless (fast dual-clutch DSG gearbox is the six-speed gearbox). But all of this has its price.

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the 2017 Volkswagen Sharan is one of the few minivans with seven seats still large in list: its strengths are comfort and good space for passengers accommodated in two retractable seats in the trunk. The 184 HP turbo diesel 2.0 is vibrant, robust and vibrates just thrust offers. Successful pairing with the DSG dual-clutch six-speed robotized gearbox, quick and sweet in steps. The active suspension (over 1000 euros) have a valid absorbency: driving mode Sport become stiffer, braking properly the body roll when cornering (an advantage not just for a machine with full bodywork as the Sharan) and facilitating informal guide. Good security: standard there are (in addition to the 17 alloy wheels “and” climate “/3 zones) seven airbags, anti-coup sleep alert, emergency braking multiple collision and up to 30 km/h. The high price, though, does weigh the absence of useful accessories and common as the distance sensors (just over 600 euros for those front and rear).

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2017 Volkswagen Sharan Interior

The Interior of the 2017 Volkswagen Sharan, renovated with upgrading the 2015 (have changed the steering wheel and the commands in the “climate”, taken from the Golf, and now there is a new multimedia system with 6.5 touch screen “), overall it does look sober and rational and shall immediately communicate a feeling of great airiness. In addition to the considerable space in all three rows of seats, one is impressed with the quality of the plastics (the lower part), from the care in finishing and precision Assembly. Complete the offer in terms of multimedia: with specific apps (MirrorLink, Apple and Android Drive CarPlay) package App-Connect, you can connect a smartphone, making it possible, among other things, see the screenshots of the mobile in the monitor

2017 Volkswagen Sharan interior

The cabin lacks space, neither in front nor behind (even in the third row, usually somewhat sacrificed, where even two adults are without major problems). . High versatility afforded by the sistema Easy Fold (makes it disappear in the trunk and two rear seats), right front reclining backrest forward and numerous storage compartments. The two wide seats have stiff padding at the right point and have electrically adjustable backrest and lumbar support. The three single third-row seats slide of 16 cm and are comfortable for tall people (between the seat and the ceiling we measured 99 cm). For nothing undersized two third-row seats, which can be used by two adults on long trips.

The opening is wide and smooth. Poor (as with rivals) space with all seats in use; with those of the second and third row down, the floor is flat. Low load threshold, at 67 cm.

2017 Volkswagen Sharan Test Drive

In town

Sure, from a body long 485 cm is difficult to expect a car handy in traffic and urban roads; However, the light steering and automatic transmission facilitate the driving of Volkswagen Sharan. Given the poor rear visibility is required some attention in parking maneuvers, using the distance sensors.

Out of town

Although the great German minivan is a car for use quiet, often with the whole family, the power of the engine and suspension (in Sport mode) allow you to ride with brio all locations also curves, where the car moves smart and safe. When necessary, your provider will act promptly.

On the highway

Is the situation in which the Sharan is at its best: and, in fact, is on long journeys with fewer stops that this car is appreciated more, especially if you adjust the dampers in Comfort mode, with the suspension that effectively dampen the joints of viaducts and slight disconnections of the road. Curated the sound proof (at 130 km/h, the engine in a sixth works at 2200 rpm): the rustling doesn’t bother me.

2017 Volkswagen Sharan Pros and Cons

2017 Volkswagen Sharan Pros

  • Habitability. The space is quite a lot in every direction, even for two adults in the back row: the Sharan is a true seven-seater.
  • Comfort. The active suspension effectively dampen the disconnections of the road, all the seats are comfortable and the sound proofing is maintained.
  • Finishes. The materials used are of high quality and the Assembly of the various items is accurate.
  • Engine. The 2.0 from 184 HP is proportional to the mass of the car and well combined with the dual-clutch gearbox.

2017 VW Sharan Cons

  • Does not include accessories such as the remote sensors and the Navigator (which are part of the standard equipment in cars cheaper).
  • Line. It was never particularly original, and the update has improved the situation.
  • Price. While I understand the seven seats (first request), is high in relation to those of rivals.
  • Rear visibility. In reverse is hindered by the shape of the rear window and the roof pillars.

2017 Volkswagen Sharan Specs;

  • Price; € 46.450
  • mpg; 14,1 km/
  • Emissions CO2   139 gramme/km
  • Euro ; 6

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