2018 BMW 5-series 520d Redesign, Specs, New Features

Monday, April 24th, 2017 - BMW

With one at all points by developed new 2018 BMW 5-series 520d, you could conclude that BMW has put down a new benchmark for the competition. This test should go tell if that actually is the case.

2018 BMW 5-series 520d Release Date and MSRP

They have it at BMW not made easy in the development of the new 5-series. And has been proven right away when we address the specifications there: with more functionality and performance or space without compromising, the car almost 100 kilos lighter than its predecessor. To a large extent is that gains achieved by using aluminum. Inside the car immediately attacks the use of high-quality meter high-quality wood, gorgeous leather, tight stitching. For people with an above average stature offers 2018 BMW 5-series 520d all space, provided you in the front. Due to the slightly sloping roof line to get, when you are a little longer, in the back with your Crown soon encountered the headlining. It is also in the back seat fine. The operation of the car with all subsystems requires little habituation. A nice gimmick is the ability to carry a number of functions with gestures to operate. By certain figures in the air with your fingers, you can, for example, the radio louder or quieter.

2018 BMW 5-series 520d Interior

2018 BMW 5-series 520d Interior Seating

BMW offers a whole battery of help systems. So you can get the car using the key unmanned in and out of tight parking spaces. The independent changing lanes is not there yet, but the 5-series able to keep themselves inside the lane lines. The Mount of the new 5-series is more comfortable than was the case in the previous generation. Please keep us for good, the car is by no means week. When it is necessary, he gives right at home and turns out the mount about a lot of reserve. Thanks to his weight loss cure makes the 5-series a graceful impression, full of joy and enthusiasm. The 190 HP diesel engine in combination with the ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic connect nicely on to. This Powertrain knows the 520 d smooth and without disturbing shocks on pace.

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