2018 BMW 550i xDrive Review, Interior, Gas Mileage

Friday, July 28th, 2017 - BMW

To fill the gap between the 540i and M5 launch supplement presents the 2018 BMW 550i xDrive. No real M, but considerably more than the 550i of the previous generation. In any case, for the time being, the fastest production-BMW, faster than the current M5. Can the new M5 with the advent of this M550i from the wish list?

2018 BMW 550i xDrive Price and Lease Deal

Faster than the M5, let those words equally well on you at the sight of the 2018 BMW 550i xDrive. There is a fairly understated sedan, especially so in the dark blue. No wild spoilers or uitgeklopte wheel arches. But do not fake: this is currently the fastest sprinter out of the BMW range. Faster than an M5, but also than an M3, M4, M6 or i8. Zero to one hundred in four points zero seconds. There you are with your M5, which really need 0.4-second longer for the standard sprint. Also, a M4 bites the dust, even though that only 0.1 second. We want to say: the 2018 BMW 550i xDrive is fast. Very fast. That was also the last, but that still had no M in its type name. It means that this BMW part of the M Performance-family, models that are significantly more than the “regular” versions, but no official M-products. They sit between models with M Sports Package (the looks, not performance) and the real M’s (looks and performance). These ‘ hole fillers’ are designed for people who have no need of the exuberant character of a pure M, but appreciate above-average serious performance during daily rides. BMW already did something similar with the M140i, M240i, M40i X 4, x 5, x 6 M50d and M760Li M50d. On paper makes much impression, but how to head the M550i xDrive that in practice?

2018 BMW 550i xDrive Interior Pictures

The 2018 BMW 550i of the previous 5-series (also known as the E60, the current is called F10) was there with rear-wheel drive and xDrive, BMW’s name for four wheel drive. The new one has that xDrive always. This guarantees optimum traction, not just from standstill to 100 to the Sai, but also with the release of a turn. BMW puts the emphasis on the rear wheels, giving the car the distinctive distorted character. You don’t have to be afraid that you come out of a turn in the round when you enthusiastically to your gas and not adequate enough Tegen Stuart. The front wheels pull the car back in the right track. In the meantime, grumbles growl and roars at the front of the V8, depending on a number of rows that he makes. In the Sports mode comes a chunk ‘ sound engineering ‘ and the sound of the 8-cylinder artificially enhanced by the speakers. It is fortunately not too contrived.

2018 BMW 550i Engine Performance, Specs

The V8 is the well-known 4.4-litre TwinPower Turbo, in its most recent form good for 462 HP (the previous 550i had 450) and 650 Nm. This makes the torque equal to that of its predecessor, and that great asset you can best bets between 1,800 and 4,750 RPM. In other words, the maximum torque is available on the most common Rev range. This makes each special or intermediate sprint almost laughable rushed quickly. Forget not that you ‘ just ‘ in a luxurious, relatively unremarkable sedan. Who does what? The Steering, adapted to the nature of the 2018 BMW 550i, is not exactly super directly, but beautiful. And that’s what you want in a car in which you runs daily.

2018 BMW 550i New Design

The big difference to its predecessor is the tuning of the mount. Where the 2018 BMW 550i simplistic said a ‘ normal ‘ 5-series with standard base and a thick M550i, the new engine was a completely new package of components for a significant sportier handling. These include model specific Springs, dampers, stabilizers and ‘ bump stops ‘, rubbers that squat too deep. Also, the wheel flight, the vertical position of the front wheels compared to the asphalt, was adjusted. The responsible for this is the Dutchman Jos van As. what driving is a nuance in our sense, is a world of difference for him. According to him, the step of the M550i to the new M5, which for the first time in its existence four wheel drive will get very large. Until that time, the M550i a more than adequate alternative. And otherwise, you can contact the M550d xDrive, the powerful diesel that has just been revealed. For the new M5 is there any way to be done, because that is now to its State required to 0-100-sprint in less than four counting to do.
+ Impressive fast
+ Comfort for everyday
-It remains a just-not-M5
-No longer available with rear-wheel drive

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