2018 Honda Civic 1.0 Review; Small but Powerfull

Monday, February 20th, 2017 - Honda

Honda launches a new generation of the 2018 Honda Civic, which exhibits a more conventional style but progressive is on the motor plane. Because in addition to the 1.5-turbo engine, there is also the beautiful 1.0-turbo three-cylinder.

2018 Honda Civic Generations

2018 Honda Civic concept

The 2018 Honda Civic is a monument at Honda and he is now in its tenth generation. The model is obviously essential because of it after the SUV CR-V the second best-selling Honda. A complete range in the long term: the Hatchback (five-door), but also the berline and the Type R. The break on his part was deleted by the limited success of the previous generation.

2018 Honda Civic Changes

Everything is new to this tenth generation of the 2018 Honda Civic. Starting with his brand new and now modular platform (that also under the future CR-V and Accord service will do), that 16 kilograms lighter were 52 percent but stiffer. What immediately catches the eye, the format of this compact car, which isn’t really compact is more: because he was 13 centimeters longer and 3 centimeters wider (also the wheelbase is growing by 3 centimeters) now he is 4.5 meters long, making it one of the largest representatives of its segment. But there is a purpose behind: he must play in two categories and therefore more interior space. That is also successful because in the back are two adults very comfortable while the trunk volume almost records breaks with his 478 liters, a score that gives him a large advantage on the 363 liters of the Ford Focus or the 380 liters of the Volkswagen Golf. Thus he amply compensates for the slightly lesser modularity. Honda has the famous Magic Seats not retrieved in this generation (which your seat from the back seat to transport up to high hits could objects). Also there’s a reason for that: with this new platform carries the 2018 Honda Civic are no longer in the car fuel tank bottom, though under the back seat as with just about all other cars, and that in order to lower the Centre of gravity (with 1 centimeter), but also the location of the driver’s seat, that is too high was implanted for a good driving position. That is now better and even correct, though it would be the height adjustment of the steering wheel over a greater distance may can and would be a settlement of the backrest with a dial have been more exactly than the stepped

2018 Honda Civic Type R Interior Photos

2018 Honda Civic Engine Specs, Horsepower, Driving

We already have a test of the 1.5-turbo. We had to so another hand on the 1.0-three-cylinder – in anticipation of the new Type R in September and then the 1.6-diesel in October. Surprisingly, the ten liter nothing to do with the 1.5-turbo engine. He is derived from another 1.5, the atmospheric engine of the American Jazz, where one cylinder is achieved. But that’s not the only one. This engine uses a lot of techniques of the two liters of the Type R, such as the turbo with low inertia (pressure of 15 bars), the power-operated wastegate, the i-VTEC (controlled timing and lift height of the valves) and Dual-VTC (control of the camshafts). Thereby this small turbo engine a sensitive better return than the old atmospheric 1.8 VTEC, as he develops a capacity of 129 HP at 5,500 o/m and a much more comfortable torque of 200 Nm at 2,250 o/m. In combination with the CVT automatic, however, drops the torque up to 180 Nm, a restriction that the metal strap of the continuously variable transmission needs to save. Because this is a small motor, are, of course, the consumption and emissions values are lower than those of the old 1.8:110 g CO2/km for a standard consumption of 4.8 l/100 km, or even 4.7 l/100 km and 106 g/km with the CVT.

Also, the chassis is completely new. It uses a McPherson-solution in front, but a meer armiger rear axle, two issues that increase the stiffness sensitive compared to the previous generation. If the option is also offered an Adaptive shock absorption while shipments of the rack from now on are variable (becoming more direct as you are approaching the attack points) and now the electric actuator on the front axle is mounted instead of on the steering column.

En route is the 2018 Honda Civic impressive. For train is amazingly efficient and direct while still linear. The driving pleasure is here so sure of the party, just as the General operating comfort, that is distinguished by a good body support for gradual and soft works. Nothing but good news. The only pity is that the 1.0 so hard echoed in the Interior. That are useful Rev range is rather limited, on the other hand, is no problem, because the abundant torque is sufficient, in order not to have to play constantly with the gearshift. That works besides very pleasant, just like the rest of the data, by the way. The CVT transmission is specifically for the 1.0 and is comfortable, though he lets the engine growl of course when power is requested. His only defect turns up at driving away (take-off), where he was horribly slow responding. You have to wait for one or two seconds the motor is stimulated as you seek from him.

2018 Honda Civic Price & equipment

The éénliter costs 21,490 euro in its basic version S. That’s a nice price if you know the safety equipment than already very complete, because he has an active speed controller with brake function and pedestrian recognition and a spoor assistant. As an option, the file function Stop & Go (automatically stop and leave) and the blind spot sensors. The Comfort version costs 22,990 euro, the Elegance, the Executive 27,990 24,990 euro euro and the Premium 28,990 euro. For the CVT you should add 1,300 euro.


The segment of compact obviously berlines is particularly large. We find the inevitable Volkswagen Golf, but also the Ford Focus, Peugeot 308, the Renault Mégane, the Opel Astra, the Hyundai i30, Kia cee’d, the Citroën C4, the Toyota Auris, the Nissan Pulsar and the recent Fiat Bravo to name a few. Spoilt for choice, so. And it is clear that the 2018 Honda Civic with its ride quality, interior space and his edgy style has many trump cards.

The 2018 Honda Civic is still surprising. That he still owes to his style, even though that is what softens, but also to his intelligence, which can be seen in the Interior (interior space, smart details), his driving, that at the best of its segment, its comfort and its engines, all dapper. This also applies to the small eenliter, although we must admit that he is heard louder than the PureTec of PSA or the 1.0-1.2 three-cylinder (115 HP). But those two have clearly not such a long breath as the Honda engine.


Photo Credit: Honda

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