2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Reviews, Interior, Prices, Release Date

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Honda is considered one of the great pioneers of hydrogen technology. With the 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell let the Japanese see that they already have a pretty are well on the way. Not only will that car be sold. What a pity?
Hydrogen still applies as a car fuel for the future. Not least because of hydrogen cars no harmful substances and CO2 from the exhaust, the energy carrier still has the attention of many car manufacturers.

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Design Overview

In 2008, Honda for the first time with a hydrogen fuel-cell car, the FCX Clarity, which provided in an edition of only 73 copies could only be leased. We are now nine years later and we are first introduced to his successor: the 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cella streamlined sedan and member of a family which further consists of a pure electric and plug-in hybrid Clarity.

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Overview

The basic principle of the Powertrain is running at the 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell still to an electric motor that is powered by hydrogen fuel cells working. Thanks to all the experience gained with the first Honda has Clarity – and the necessary progressive insight – there are significant steps. So is the placement of main components on the rebuild, the car has become larger and the performance is improved. As one unit are the electric motor and reductional along with the power electronics plus the fuel cell stack under the hood. Honda used the space under the front seats for a modest battery pack, in which braking energy can be stored in the engine to give an extra boost. Down the back seat is a small hydrogen tank (24 liters) and under the bottom of the trunk is a large tank of 117 liters. That tank takes quite some space in, leaving only 334-liter luggage space; that space also has a impractical shape.

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Interior

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Interior Images

The 2018 Clarity Fuel Cell has more on with its occupants than with his luggage: the Interior is nice and spacious, all of you in the back as a result of the descending roofline quickly with your Crown against the headlining. Another point of criticism concerns the chairs which have reasonably short sessions. Furthermore there ergonomics weinigte complain. The materials used (to a large extent with a low ecological footprint) and the level of finish are of such high quality, that it can compete with what we know of cars from the South of Germany. Who listen carefully, hear while driving in the distance the hum of the electric motor and the whizzing of the compressor that blows air into the fuel cells. Furthermore, you hear only the links across the asphalt rollers and wind along the carriage flows. If it is on a limited level, there are electric cars when we perceive that much stronger. At Honda they have the sound insulation seriously addressed. Everything in this car is focused on pleasing. You also notice that in the mount. In this field, they know exactly that they are working at Honda. The tuning of springs and dampers is comfortable, while the 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell pretty stable on the road and not deviate from its course the bend. When Honda know they neatly to cover them up that the car weighs more than 1,800 kg.

With its 173 HP and 300 Nm and the pleasant way in which those forces are released, the car is more than adequate motorized. The engine has two driving modes: normal and sporty. Expected at that last, by the way, no crazy stuff. The response to the accelerator pedal is in the Sport stand fractionally more direct, and at gas release is something more on the engine slowed down than in normal mode. It is in neither modes so that there is a single pedal effect occurs, as for example at the BMW i3. Who does its best, it would be on a kilo of hydrogen 130 km far to come, with up to 5 kg on board provides that a range of 650 km. Just over 400 km on full tanks, however, with this car is a lot more realistic.

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Price, Release Date, Productions

Honda can build up to five 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell per day, which amounts to about a thousand pieces per year. The bottleneck is the production of the fuel cells. That is largely automated, but not yet the pace of the machines on without sacrificing quality. In addition, the production of the hydrogen tanks a thingy. Those tanks have a carbon fiber robe and the processing of the carbon can be no faster than it is now. Of course, they can put an extra production device in addition to parallel, but that requires additional investment, while it is the intention is to by elevating the pace the cost per unit. Plans to sell the car with us, there are not. In the USA you can lease one for $369 per month. It’s not until the next generation (which technically should be ready in 2021) expected the fuel cell car Honda also joining us on the market.

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