2018 McLaren 540C Impressions, Prices, Engine

Monday, April 24th, 2017 - McLaren

2018 McLaren 540C Impressions – But not the Vice to make unique and overwhelming the driving experience, even in the case of the version at the base of the range with 540 Hp-associated with little more than 1,300 kg of weight, performance are still a mind-boggling while, despite falling slightly, the price starts at 167,800 euros.

2018 McLaren 540C Horsepower

It will also be the version range McLaren, the less powerful, slower on top speed and Acceleration, but smile thinking the price starts from 167,800 euros and 3.8-litre Twin-Turbo V8 unleashes its 540 of horses, enough to project the English Coupe 320 km/h and snap it from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Will perhaps be less engaging to drive then? Not a chance, because the short test during a day of incessant rain has ruled the opposite. Not many turbo engines, indeed Biturbo, stretching without interruption up to 8,500 rpm, who take turns so fast, and emitting a sound so grim and gritty, especially when lower Windows not to enjoy a melody of rare intensity. But driving a 500 series means above all a car stitched on the body like a glove, which goes exactly where the eye tip foreshadowing the ideal line, the track with the precision of a compass and that puts you out of the corners with that heat that for a moment see the motorcycle world. But what surprised me most in this short but very intense testing was pulling whose 2018 McLaren 540C is capable in the wet, even when you sink the gas in second and third gear, an act considered a villain in sports more of equal power. You don’t need to disable the traction control is rigorous and timely intervention, so much as it is useless to expect that the wheels are perfectly straight before you give vent to 540 Nm of torque which remains constant between 3,500 and 6,500 rpm. Strikes me as being well connected all tiles that when combined make up a puzzle can make the driving experience, starting with the pinpoint accuracy of a steering too light to operate, but without forgetting a dual-clutch gearbox that doesn’t miss a beat, or the stain of the braking system, ceramic brakes in your case. Of course, costs 9,420 euro, and is possibly the price the only limit of 500 series. Because to make the Interior a little more exclusive than that covered in rough skin fitted as standard it is necessary to put hand to the rich and extensive list of optional, but then just add a little something here and there to approach dangerously psychological threshold of 200,000 euros, a figure that invoglierebbe to consider the 570S, already with some optional accessories on the basic version, with an output of 570 horsepower.

2018 McLaren 540C Accelerations Speed

Improved accessibility aside from purely economic considerations and personal, an added bonus of the new generation of Sport Series McLaren is the greater usability, secured for example by accessibility facilitated by the wider angle of vertical opening of the doors and the lower side rails, while the minimalism of the dashboard and grouped commands on the console makes them always a bit difficult to assimilate. The introduction of the GT version, for now, given to 570 though, has a small rear luggage space in addition to the front from 150 liters to a total of 370 liters. But in this case we start from euro 200,500, optional excluded of course. Returning to the 500 series, the color range offers 19 different body colours: 3 in the Standard series, eight in that Special (1,780 euros) and eight in that Elite (4,500 euros). Audio source in addition to series speakers 4 to 8 boxes of 320W called Plus (2,100 euros), or the most sophisticated Bowers & Wilkins that, priced at € 4,470, offers 12 speakers and an amplifier from 1,280 W, although the best sound you can enjoy inside the cockpit of the Coupe English is the right guaranteed by sports exhaust system, optional to 4,190 euros. About performance and driving involvement, why forego the Pirelli PZero Corsa tires for 1,050 euros? At this point, the telemetry system could be the icing on the cake, but the price would grow further 2,720 euros.

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