2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d Review; Massive Improvement?

Thursday, December 29th, 2016 - Mercedes

2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d Review – Long after Volvo and Audi,  Mercedes is also convinced of the advantages of a break with increased suspension. With the difference that the E-class are air springs are used to vary ground clearance.

2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d specs

Mercedes All Terrain E220d 2018 Concept

To appeal to customers who are not attracted by the (roof) height or the massive appearance of the Mercedes E-class offers break to SUVs in the version All Terrain, 2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d. The idea is borrowed from Volvo and Audi, but also at the Japanese Subaru. With that difference that the brand with the star the suspension not on a slightly larger fixed height wanted. The ground clearance varies – manually or automatically – from 121 to 156 millimeter. However, the four brands agree on one point: a break that can leave the asphalt must, of course, a permanent drive on the four wheels, though Volvo but ventured to a XC70 with two driven wheels. The All Terrain is therefore just as 4Matic, with settings that take into account a light offroadgebruik and their inspiration at the GLE.

New Mercedes All Terrain E220d Changes

In the base is the 2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d 29 millimeters higher than an E-Class 4Matic break with the air suspension ABC (Air Body Control). 14 millimeters of it is purely of the flank ratio (width/height) of the ties with upper cheeks. The 15 other millimeters are the result of the new standard of the specific air springs in three levels, which are close to the combinations of the GLC. The only difference with the compact SUV is that these three heights of course lower in the case of the break.

2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d interior

How he drives?

On fast roads (more than 125 km/h) drops the air suspension of the 2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d automatically with 15 mm at the same level as a standard E-class, which is better for the stability and the consumption. On the road continues to the comfort of a flying carpet is guaranteed, whether you’re concentrated at the wheel or, thanks to the semi-autonomous tier system IDL (Intelligent Drive next Level), not at all. In the All Terrain mode, between 0 and 35 km/h, the car 20 millimeters higher than in the standard height that he uses between 0 and 125 km/h in the three other modes of Dynamic Select (Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual). This maximum position can be selected independently of the chosen ride mode manually. We were introduced to the ‘ most versatile ‘ E-class in the Austrian Alps on Pirelli Sottozero-winter tires. There is nothing better than an impressive steep snow-covered mountain pass (the Timmelsjoch) to test the efficiency of tyres with slat structure, of the Comfort and Sport driving modes and of the management of the 4Matic. The grip and pull on the aangedamde snow are both when accelerating and braking so good that you actively on drive if on a surface with some grip. Long sleet spots here and there on the narrow road and snow walls as hard as concrete on either side were the only risk factors that have discouraged us to sportier to drive. Lower in the Valley we could find that the car in its high position (All Terrain mode enabled) easily from the feet could on a forest road that was just wide enough for the car, crossed with excellent tree roots, without with his belly on the ground to scrape or are far too beautiful nineteen inch rims to damage. Impressive …

2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d Price

We tested the All Terrain in the only two available diesel versions, the 2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d – the new 2.0 diesel with 195 HP that is both more economical, smoother, quieter and more performant than the 2.1 we already know –, which is available from March (57,112 euros), and the 350 d (69,938 euro) that for June has been announced. The latter still uses the V6 and not the modular six-cylinder in line that is expected in 2018. The 2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d  justifies his additional charge of 4,000 euro against the 220 d break by its standard equipment that the other just like option: 4Matic four-wheel drive, Air Body Control suspension (with variable height), Avantgarde-Interior, floor mats, specific overlays and stitching and of course the body addenda (bumpers and aprons) that are exclusive to this model.

2018 Mercedes All Terrain E220d Competitors

Mercedes joins a niche that has long been the site of Volvo (V70 XC and V90 Cross Country), but also by Audi A4 Allroad. BMW is still not interested in increased breaks and goes beyond. And although it is less expensive and less premium positions, it must be the title of the inventor of the concept of to Subaru (Leone, Legacy, Outback). Other brands limit the increase of their breaks to a style exercise without a permanent four wheel drive with to oblige.

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