2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman Specs, Gas Mileage

2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman Specs, Gas Mileage

If the five-door version has placed the Mini on the fleet’s radar, the new 2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman launches it directly into the eye of the hurricane. A kind of van, which has in the diesel 150 CV the most balanced motorization.

Since the arrival of the five-door version that Mini has gained a more mature image. Maintains some of the irreverence’s distinctive characteristic but, from the moment the passengers in the back row gained direct access to the street, it ceased to be the same mini. You can think of family, baby seats, vacations, no excuses. Mini is no longer a whim.

In the Clubman version, with 4.25 meters long and an image to pull for the van, has the versatility and space of a compact “normal”. Six doors, five seats, 360 liters of the trunk. These are the numbers that put the 2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman directly on the fleet’s radar. It is possible to choose a mini for service car from the 26 500 euros, without abdicating the functionality or having to keep a second car for family trips.

2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman Interior

The Clubman shares the £ platform with the current generation, but benefits from a softer suspension arrangement. As the 2.67 meters away between axles retreat back the rear wheels, the passengers of the posterior queue not only have any more space for the legs, as they cease to sit on the axle. The central tunnel is also lower, facilitating the movements in that bank.

2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman Engine Specs

The Mini one D, three-cylinder inner engine and 116 CV, comes out more into account that the most sold versions of direct competitors such as the Opel Astra 1.6 CDTi of 110 CV innovation (27 470 €), Peugeot 308 1.6 Blue HDI 120 Active (26 940 €), Renault Megane DCI 110 GT Line (27 950 €) or VW Golf 1.6 TDI GPS Edition (27 872 €). However, despite the generosity of the three-cylinder engine, the 116 CV knows shortly when it comes out of the city. For the TRIPS and weekend getaways that Clubman allows, the most balanced engine is the four-cylinder diesel, two liters and 150 CV baptized as Cooper D. But pushes the price for the € 30 900, to which it is always need to add anything. In the case of the image model the invoice goes up to the € 38 288.

In sport mode, the six-speed box transmits the sporting touch you expect from a mini. More filtered, the new suspension no longer takes the mini jumps over degraded floors. Keeps the wheels glued to the tar for the benefit of a more relaxed driving. Sharp, the front does not feel difficulty maintaining the line, even on winding roads. Even the taste of new 2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman customers.

2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman Gas Mileage

It is in the long journeys with passengers and baggage that the two-liter engine stands out. The 330 nm of binary, which are made available at 1750 rpm, allow to circulate in city without the constant recourse to the gearbox, are guaranteed to overcome and ascended without smoothly. Turning the selector of the mini driving mode to the right activates the green mode. In this one can average 3.9 l100 km on the road. On the motorway the average rises to the 5.5 L/100 km, which remains perfectly acceptable for a loaded car. The 7.6 l/100 km recorded in urban circuit set the weighted average of the 6.2 L/100 km, almost two litres above the 4.1 l/100 advertised.

Without losing the irreverent spirit, the Clubman assumes the most comfortable positioning of the mini range. With compact dimensions and inhabitability, it has in 150 CV diesel the right choice for those who do more than the city laps.

2018 Mini Cooper D Clubman Specs, Gas Mileage Pictures

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