2018 Mini Countryman Cooper S E ALL4 Dimensions

2018 Mini Countryman Cooper S E ALL4 Dimensions

The demand for plug-in hybrids may be collapsed in the Netherlands, which does not mean that this type of car does not have a right of existence. Mini has the countryman now fitted with a plug. The electric motor makes him more than 1,000 kg heavier than the original from the years 70.

That poor plug-in hybrid anyway! Since Wiebe retired from the subsidy station last year, this drive form has become a fiscally pointless. The Mitsubishi Outlander is the best-known representative in its kind and it is actually unfortunate that Mini hasn’t come a few years earlier with a rechargeable countryman. Then it would have looked a lot happier on the road, for arithmetic but that it would have been a hit. But well, in terms of addition, a plug-in hybrid in the Netherlands is not interesting anymore. It is true that you pay the half rate for the MRB. That goes up to 2019, because from then on you pay the full pound, albeit that a plug-in yearly €300 discount gets. And then hangs the new consumption test, the WLTP (World Wide Harmonized Light Vehicles test Procedures) not like a sword of Damocles above the head of the plug-in hybrid? No, that is very much in practice. The number of grams of CO2 per kilometer goes slightly up in this test method, but many will not be. As we know it stands or falls the fuel consumption of a rechargeable hybrid with the way you use it And how often you hang it on the loading pole. According to the countryman, an electric action radius of 42 kilometers, which will be in daily life, is 25 to 30 kilometers. If the distance to your work Is 50, for example, you drive only a small part on the fuel engine. That way you can achieve a very low gasoline consumption.

Flawless interplay

There is Cooper S E ALL4 in the type designation and that means that this Mini has four wheel drive. The combustion engine takes the front wheels for its account, the 88 HP strong electric motor the rear two. In short, in the purely electrical mode, you drive a rear wheel actuator. Whether a winter drift comes within reach, we do not know, but we consider the chance to be very small. Without auxiliary of the three cylinders, the top speed amounts to 125 km/h. Thanks to the enormous torque of the electric motor, the heavy Mini is still good for its place. Basically, you almost always drive in the ‘ Auto drive ‘ mode, where the electronics determines which engine does what. If you are a bit careful with the throttle, then you will feel silently
Through the city and also outside the built-up area you can drive up to 80 km/h fully electrically. If your right foot is in a cheerful mood, the ordinary engine jumps faster and suddenly there is a lot of thrusts. The combined power is 224 hp, almost as much as that of the Countryman John Cooper Works (231 hp). With that accelerates the heavyweight still counts in 6.8 from standstill to 100 km/h; That’s almost as rap as the JC Works. It is especially the suppleness of this powertrain that makes an impression. The interplay of the three cylinder engine, the automatic transmission, and the electric motor runs flawlessly and does not contrived altogether.

Cooper S E ALL4 Gas Mileage

After a small thirty kilometers, the batteries have indeed been seen and the petrol engine is finally taking over. That 1.5-liter three cylinder is a fine machine, which we also find in some BMW and in the Countryman Cooper. In The latter, he has more than 300 kg less to drag, which saves quite a lot. But not fear: there is always enough power in the batteries to allow the electric motor to be cooperating and during driving and especially braking is always reloaded. If you have a wall box at home or at work, it will take up to two hours and fifteen minutes, to a regular outlet an hour longer. That the half-electric countryman is heavier than the ordinary, you only notice during very fast bending work. Suspension and damping are adjusted, however, so that this is also an entertaining car. He sends with a lot of sense and precision and fortunately is not a hard spring. Disadvantages are the small fuel tank and the fact that there is no trailer behind it. You will especially notice that when you go on holiday. With only 36 liters on board, you get back to the pump quite quickly.

2018 Mini Countryman Cooper S E ALL4 Review

Rest The question: Does a car like this still make sense? We think, given the price – thanks to the BPM. It suddenly makes him very interesting compared to a comparable Cooper S with a vending machine, which is €1,100 more expensive; With the ALL4 it saves even €4,661. In addition, the smart loader can save a nice penny to fuel. And what is, of course, a nice incident: He is built in our own Netherlands.

+ Drives smooth and smooth
+ Sends entertaining

-Small Fuel tank

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