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The Insignia connects a first, successful life after 8 years in especially the fleet suppliers. His successor will see the 2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport, for it’s rare to overshadow rivals, while still remains less expensive than the premium models.

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Price

Opel Insignia Grand Sport Concept

With the new Grand Sport name wants the Insignia did not say that he is a real sportsman. He wants to find the shine of the rather large models of GM at the transition from the 1960s to the 1970s. Buick used all the suffix Gran Sport (without “d”) to the most muscular V8 luxury coupés to distinguish among the Skylark, the Riviera, the Wildcat, the Century and the Regal at the time. Opel interprets ‘ sport ‘ in the more relaxed sense of the word, where the car is more focused on driving pleasure without a real racing car to be. As a clear signal was the new Insignia during this first road tests proposed in the historic factory in Rüsselsheim, surrounded by models from the past of the brand which in the years ‘ 50 to ‘ 70 atmospheres bathed in a premium: the Kapitän, Admiral, and Diplomat. But there was no reference to the Omega and the Senator from the nineties. That shows once again that marketing people rearrange the family tree as it suits them. More prosaic stores the name only on the Grand Sports berline. Opel calls the break still Sports Tourer, a name with more radiance than the former Caravan

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Redesign

The four-door took only 10 percent of the sales figures of the first generation (on the 940,000 berlines and breaks that are sold between 2008 and 2017). This leaves next to the break, which is available by the end of the summer, only the five-door, which is identified by the windshield wiper on the back window. Since the silhouette of the former 4-and 5-door barely differed, the lovers of three volume berlines easy for easier access to the large case of the two volume version. Therefore, the successor to that variant only, without an alternative. That’s no reason to complain, especially since the proportions of the car change – he is longer, wider and lower – to him from now on a much chicer. The equipment was already richly on the first Insignia and continues on the same trend to have a premium equipment to offer without the corresponding price. The platform is an evolution of the Epsilon 2, the E2XX, with a 92 mm longer wheelbase and developed to the structure as much as possible to slim down and to optimize the packaging. At comparable engine and equipment would be the berline thereby 175 kilograms than its predecessor. The newcomer is more spacious and sees his suitcase volume grow (with 130 liters for the break, which kicks with the rear seats folded down to 1,665 liters) and its interior space improves with 25 millimeters extra shoulder width and 32 millimeters in hip height.

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Interior

The E2XX platform is developed by Opel in Rüsselsheim and is already on the other side of the Ocean used by the youngest Chevrolet Malibu and the soon to be released replacement for the Buick Regal – just like the Epsilon E-platform not only among the Vectra, Signum and the Insignia to be, but also under GM and Saab models. After the recent acquisition of the brand with the lightning logo by the PSA Group (Peugeot-Citroën-DS), followed by the impending launch of the Cross-country X and the Grand country X (on the platform and with the engines of the Peugeot 2008 and 3008), it will E2XX the very last platform that is shared with GM. Just as the petrol engines of the new Insignia (which has been taken into consideration in the Malibu). The 2.0 Turbo comes with a new four wheel drive with vectorial torque distribution and Aisin AW-eight speed automatic and WINS 10 HP to 260 HP to come out. The 1.5 Turbo with a choice of 140 or 165 HP is new and replaces the 1.4 Turbo (140 HP) and 1.6 Turbo S (170 HP) of the previous model. The 3 types of diesel (1.6 CDTI with 136 and 110 or 2.0 CDTi with 170 HP) retain the same power, with the exception of the 110 HP version which there 10 is lost. We reason at this first acquaintance with the 1.5 T with 165 horsepower, the 2.0 CDTI with 170 HP and the 2 .0T 4 x 4.

Test Drive

A first observation is that we 3 centimeters lower, pleasant sitting in a position that involves more us immediately when driving. The roof height drops as much (-29 millimeters), but that remains so without consequences. As is customary, the driver’s seat with German AGR-logo of the Dynamic version (the third equipment level) the ergonomic merits that fatigue on long drives. In the back seat, passengers sit 23 millimeters lower (in comparison to the road). We come here in the world of traditional large travel berlines as in a Jaguar XF, with a dashboard and instruments (half and half digital analog with pointers) that are directed towards the driver. The sound attenuation of the tested cars was excellent, but we have to point out that all of them were equipped with double side Windows.

The Opel Insignia Grand Sport shows more interesting at an active driving style but is anything but sporty. Of course, he has a powerful engine (2.0 Turbo with 260 HP), a 2.0 CDTI diesel with a long breath and a versatile and capable 1.5 Turbo. The AW-eight speed automatic(of the 2.0 Turbo 4 x 4) is calibrated for a quick and smooth, albeit not very economical driving style, but does not the reaction speed or the dynamics of the vending machines of Audi, BMW or Mercedes. The large Opel is located in this area closer to the Volvo S/V90, in that the Swede used the same Aisin AWF8F45, that was developed for cross implanted engines. Whether he is mounted on the controlled shock absorption FlexRide with 3 driving modes (Normal, Tour and Sport, standard on Dynamic, 950 euros on Edition and Innovation) or not, the new top-Opel shows more vivid on a tortuous trail (he is lighter than before) and controlled body movements better. That in itself is pleasant. The lighter and CO2-optimized Insignia promises to consume 10 percent less than its predecessor (especially the diesel).

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Tourer Specs

The front wheel actuators prove quite neutral. Of the Steering, we would rather have that takes away the US less effort in Sports mode. This first test was organized on public roads around Frankfurt and on the gentle slopes of the Taunus mountains and left us so not allow the four-wheel drive of the 2 .0T to its limits to drift or to evaluate what is the added value of the Twitter Twin Clutch system that is supplied by GKN. Opel takes away from the Swedish Haldex of the previous generation to a vectorial torque distributor that no longer requires a differential. How can that be? By half on each of the rear wheels to mount a directed link (twin clutch), giving the car more lively/more stable, not by a wheel to slow down but by their naturally to send the necessary torque. This would this on a front wheel tractor-based four wheel actuator should get a rear wheel drive behavior so that it is more interesting to a turn spicy. As a reminder, GKN delivers this system already Land Rover (Range Rover Evoque) and to the no less spectacular Ford Focus RS.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport Prices and Equipment

We got the 1.5 Turbo 165, Insignia 2.0 Turbo 4 x 4 and 2.0 CDTI obviously in their two highest trim levels (Dynamic and Innovation). Opel grabs like that the most expensive but just above the 40,000 euro, while a model with similar engine and equipment at one of the three premium-Germans would cost € 65,000. In alphabetical order, to be exact: + 32% and 36%, + + 42 percent. The new big Opel presents the broadest range of innovations in the segment of large travel berlines. Let us pick the most impressive: the led array lights IntelliLux (1,450 euro) with projectors that are better drawn than the Astra and that 32 diodes have instead of 16. Their maximum scope is 400 meters and the directional adjustment of the diodes go through focused and off the separate leads and not by the light blocks to move. It works so well that the large lights never catches up with dazzling for motorists who you follow, or crosses.


In its basic version costs the Insignia 26,900 euro (1.5 Turbo 140 Comfort with manual gearbox). For that price are driver-assistance systems such as a track assistant, bots were warning, a remote view and a stand-alone emergency brake assistance with the standard. The multimedia system IntelliLink (7 speakers, 7-inch touch screen, USB and Bluetooth connection) and also the hands-free key. In their technical basic versions with petrol engine costs an Audi A4 or Mercedes C 1.4 TFSI 160 4,000 euro more, while they are much less well equipped. The supplement for a bare BMW 318i is 3,000 euro. And that while this Opel has the physique and the inner space of an Audi A7, BMW 5-Series or Volvo S90, which all incomparable cost much more. In the price range of the Insignia there are the Citroën C5, the DS5, the Ford Mondeo, the Hyundai i40, the Kia Optima, the Mazda 6, the Peugeot 508, the Renault Talisman, the Skoda Superb, the Toyota Avensis and the VW Passat, which Opel with its 4.9 metres all with an advantage of format leaves behind.

Our verdict

Both in his saloon version Grand Sport as in his break variant Sports Tourer – which later comes on the market – plays the Insignia in on the ambiguity between the upper middle class and the top class. With his aristocratic length and are the Opel would be more rambling equipment of the mass differentiated than the first generation. He succeeds there with a disconcerting ease in, al is the only sporting in him only in his name.

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