2018 Range Rover SDV8 Review

Friday, September 29th, 2017 - Land Rover

Connected with royalty, this 2018 Range Rover SDV8 is the king of SUVs. The 4.4 V8 Diesel engine with 340 CV and a recognized dynamics in and off-road confirm everything we’ve been waiting for.

2018 Range Rover SDV8 SUV Review and Rating

Although this is not the most sold diesel version, it is certainly the most coveted and envied by competitors. Not for having the most potent diesel because that trump card belongs to the new Audi SQ7 with 435 CV, but for being the most adventurous when we have the courage to challenge him to the hardest paths because there is nothing he is not able to do. It is very impressive that its ability to overcome the most difficult obstacles, one wed
It is the result of the extensive experience of the British brand in the design and construction of cars of all terrain. It is not by chance that it is coveted by all the builders who use their teachings to construct the various ranges of SUVs, a quasi-viral phenomenon.

2018 Range Rover SDV8 Engine Specs

Although we are not the ones who say that only the 8-cylinder engines are good, the truth is that this SDV8 is the ideal pair for this Range Rover, which weighs almost two and a half tons. The Biturbo solution and a 700-Nm torque guarantee a gentle and ready response as soon as we step on the accelerator to overcome an obstacle or when we travel enjoying all the comfort given by a pneumatic suspension that looks like a flying carpet. The direction has the right weight and the rims of 21 “(option) end up giving that touch even more gentle and pertinent in daily movements. Just increase the pressure on the accelerator to realize that the rhythm grows exponentially and with a sound that doesn’t look like a diesel. In fact, the V8 engine emits a snorer that looks more like a gasoline engine, including the idle where, naturally, the diesel is more strident. Of course, this sensation is also due to other factors such as a construction quality that puts a very large emphasis on the good soundproofing of the passenger compartment, where there are no shortages like double glazed series.

2018 Range Rover SDV8 Exterior Dimensions

But what amazes me most in the behaviour of this almost five-meter SUV is the sensation of driving a much smaller vehicle. An even more noted advantage in the curves approaches, where the Terrain system Response, binary vectorization, and direction with a very large sensitivity and degree of communication make use of the 2018 Range Rover SDV8 a good experience. This can be even better with the active stabilizers, since they would fairly contract the bearing of the bodywork and the resulting weight transfer. The British mark goes to the point of allowing us to almost turn off the ESP so that this does not “annoy” the behaviour in the slower curves and allow to act at ease the rear differential and vectorization of binary. If we want to have a more relaxed driving, the best is to select the Auto mode and let everything work according to normal parameters, from the Automatic 8-speed box reaction to the suspension, which assumes a damping so smooth it packs us.

The driving position, being high, allows a view of the most comprehensive road, while the steering wheel, where the most direct commands are concentrated, has the ideal size, allowing us to see all the information provided by the digital panel, while on the tactile central screen All applications and functions are concentrated that minimize individual commands to a minimum. These are reduced to the buttons that control the various traction modes.

Although the rehearsed version only had five seats, the Range Rover can, like other competitors, have seven seats. From what we remember in the trial of the version SVD6 the third row is shy and to get there you need to have some agility. But if this version V8 is the king of the Gamma for the qualities described (and are many), the consumption are not Parcy! The average was the 10, 8l/100 km with peaks that can easily reach the 14 L/100 km in the city. It is also not inexpensive if we think that the most direct competitors are more affordable and have the more serial equipment. It is the case of the brand new Audi SQ7 with the engine 4.0 BiTDi and the BMW X5 M50d with which the Range Rover is always in Checkmate’s position.

2018 Range Rover SDV8 Review Conclusion

There’s no doubt about it. The Range Rover dominates the segment of the wealthiest SUVs. This outcome is the result of a great British brand experience in this field. Off-road It makes almost everything thanks to a almost perfect and intuitive traction system.

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