2018 Seat Ibiza Redesign, Review, Prices, Test Drive

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 - Seat

The 2018 Seat Ibiza gets the honor to a new platform. Will the fifth generation of the Spanish model can enter into force as from the shadow of the VW Polo, its German cousin?

2018 Seat Ibiza CONCEPT

Volkswagen seems to be the future of its Spanish daughter positive. To the extent that the new generation of Seat Ibiza still for the successors of the current VW Polo and Audi A1 may introduce a completely new platform. That’s called MQB A0 and brings a lot of advantages, not least a structure stiffness that would have increased by 30 percent. And although the outside dimensions at the generation Exchange hardly change (except in width), names the Interior sizes now, thanks to the fact that the wheels were pushed further to the corners (respectively 6 and 9.5 cm longer wheelbase and wider front and rear tracks 4.8 cm). It gives the Spanish city car a firmer and more mature stature, but also in the back in all directions means that there is now enough room for two adults.

2018 Seat Ibiza Redesign and Changes

The body design is in line with that of the recent Ateca and face-lifted Leon, while the Interior is fairly straight forward. The designers have tried to bring some color at all by the horizontal Strip inlay on the dashboard, while also for the body three striking new colors were introduced. Oddly enough, however, for our first acquaintance were almost exclusively dark-or light gray test cars finished an interior trim in black piano finish. Incidentally fell us on that Seat have trouble has done to the materials to do look like foamed plastics, but that it anywhere to hard plastics, even for the upper part of the dashboard.

In terms of engines shall submit to Seat the emphasis on the gasoline versions. The offer is in the first instance from the atmospheric entry level version 1.0 MPI with 75 HP, complemented by the much more modern, direct injection and turbo conditioned 1.0 TSI which is available with 95 or with 115 HP. After the summer there will be added the brand new 1.5 TSI, which we already know from in the facelifted VW Golf, as well as a CNG version of the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI or a handful of horsepower, which closes and opens onto 90 HP. Only at the end of this year, the TDI versions, exclusively with a cylinder capacity 1.6 liters (the 1.4 TDI was drained) and capabilities of 80, 95 and 115 HP. All engines with 95 HP or less get a manual gearbox with five ratios, up there are six. The 1.0 and 1.5 115 TSI TSI will optionally available with an automatic dual-clutch transmission.


The new platform also has positive effects on how the Ibiza rides. For the time being, we could just run away by 115 and with the very recent 1.5 1.0 TSI TSI. In both cases, the little Spaniard a precise and enjoyable handling submit that at the same time very reassuring. So will the rear stays always faithfully by the front wheels waymarked trail, even in the event of a sudden steering input. Playful drives the Ibiza so not, but as rail – a bit like a Mini in fact. The road contact was on the test cars sometimes dry, but that was probably on the wheels of, respectively, 17 and 18 inches with which they were equipped. The 1.5 TSI has with its 150 HP natural ability enough, but also the 1.0 TSI 115 certainly has sufficient reserves. He only seemed to be able to hide three-cylinder architecture are less well (noise, vibration) than for example in the Leon or Ateca.

2018 Seat Ibiza Prices

An eye-catcher in the Interior is the optional touch screen, which with a diameter of 8 inches exceptionally large for the segment. Operate the system is child’s play and the possibilities are up to date. So it is both compatible with Apple Car Play as with Android car and Mirror Link, while also a feature to your smartphone Wireless charging. The link with our device already went without a hitch, like streaming music, which can be played by a powerful hifi system of Beats Audio (300 Watts). The latter will now appeal to the customers of Seat, which reportedly in each segment about ten years younger than at other brands.

For the rest, the new Ibiza extract with equipment which until recently was still rare in the category. Just think of a warning, adaptive cruise control, keyless where bots go or rear view camera. Not all standard of course, but the exact content of the various trim levels is not yet known (also the prices are still subject to change). In any case, there will be four are: Reference, Style, FR and Excellence, the former being a real entry level version is to the price. The Style is likely the most interesting implementation, while the FR and topiaries are both the Excellence that will be distinguished by their emphasis on sportsmanship for the one and on comfort and elegance for the other. The Belgian prices are still subject to change, but the least expensive Ibiza (the 1.0 MPI with 75 HP in Reference-livery) would be such a 13,990 euros, 95 Style 16,920 euro and a 1.0 1.0 TSI TSI 115 in FR-doily 19,700 euro (but as I said, for the time being, these prices indicative only).


Well, rivals enough, of course, in the B-segment, to start all within one’s own family, in particular, the VW Polo and Skoda Fabia. In comparison, this is the Ibiza of course, especially with its Mediterranean character. Customers who get here, in each case a much more modern car than other southern brands, namely Fiat and Alfa Romeo, the Punto and the Mito Meanwhile hurry pension entitled.

Seat there but what is proud to be the first brand of the VW Group the new MQB A0-platform in use. And rightly so, because it brings on just about all areas substantial progress, whether it’s the handling or to the Interior and trunk. Combine that with the successful new look and there is no doubt that the success story of the 2018 Seat Ibiza is not yet over.

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