2018 Skoda Octavia Break RS230 Redesign

2018 Skoda Octavia Break RS230 Redesign

Who said that an exemplary van in habitability cannot be also in the degree of amusement that provides the driver? This 2018 Skoda Octavia Break RS230 gets it, with the mechanics of Golf GTI.

The Subaru Impreza WRX Sports Wagon or the Audi RS4 Avant are historical examples of how a van can marry very well with a high-feedback mechanics. And when you have the most spacious suitcase/cabin of the class and the mechanics of a sports compact with the status of Golf GTI, the result can be perfect for those with children but like to do the taste on foot. It is the ones that are pointed at the 2018 Skoda Octavia Break RS230, which can perhaps the best feature/fun ratio that there is a memory, especially if we take into account the price. For just over 41000 euros can take the car full of people crossing the leg in the backseat, loading the trunk with 600 liters of volumes and travel to only possible rhythms in a sporting.

2018 Skoda Octavia Break RS230 Specs

The 230 CV extracted from the 2.0-liter block with Turbo and direct injection are, in this case, associated with the wonders of the double-clutch DSG automatic box with six speeds. It is 350 nm of binary, tossed to the front wheels logo from the 1500 rpm but well controlled by a steady and well-tuned suspension, although exempt from the expensive chassis programming system that we have available at Golf GTI.

Neutrality and strength

The RS230 may not be exemplary in the surroundings of driving, but it does not cease to have an obedient direction and a contained suspension, which resists well to dives in breaking and bending. Most of the fun potential is, however, in the power of “blowing” of the powerful 2.0 TSI and in the immediacy of the cash passages, to come out of bursts, especially in the Progressives. Powerful brakes and good tires Pirelli Pzero with 233 cm wide each, footwear on 19-inch rims, ensure a degree of adhesion more than sufficient to pull the engine and ensure neutral behavior. The electronics is impossible to shut down completely, but it has the advantage of the effect rubber ring joint XDS + which, on the boundaries, locks the wheels on the inside of the curve and holds the trajectory.

It is noted, in fact, an enhanced dynamic behavior in this RS, resulting from the shorter springs, which lowers 15 mm in the face of the remaining 2018 Skoda Octavia Break RS230. The thicker stabilizer bars and the more negative camber angle also produce their effects. The distance between elongated axles facing the Golf GTI does not let you dance and reduces the interaction with the conductor, but there is nothing so good to guide for this price and with so much to give in family use.

The only shade of competition hovering over this RS230 comes from the Ford Focus St SW or, with some goodwill, of the Peugeot 308 GT SW that have, in fact, comparable sporting guidance and even cheaper but offer fewer space and functionality.

2018 Skoda Octavia Break RS230 Review: Conclusion

It’s not yet an Audi RS4 Avant, but this Octavia full of muscles in there walks. It can be used in the family with acceptable consumption and tailor-made comfort, or to amaze boredom at a time of euphoria on any kind of road.

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