2018 Subaru BRZ Review, Prices, Interior, Specs, Redesign Update

Monday, July 31st, 2017 - Subaru

Both cosmetically and technically has prepared for its second phase of life the 2018 Subaru BRZ. Is that enough to two-digit sales figures?

2018 Subaru BRZ News and Rumors

Subaru has the BRZ an update. Both the exterior, the Interior and the technique are given. Not that anyone expected that the model now like hot cakes over the counter will go — the extremely modest sales figures (last year there was one instance in Netherlands registered) make sure that the 2018 Subaru BRZ on our roads a rarer appearance than the average Ferrari, although the sympathetic sports cart with its own way technique is readied for its next phase of life. To the structure is not changed: the longitudinally mounted boxer engine still drives the rear wheels. On the outside will connoisseurs the custom shape of the openings in the front bumper stand out, like the redesigned rear spoiler and the new layout of the rear light units. This is modest cosmetic procedures.

2018 Subaru BRZ Interior

On the dash goes Subaru with the times and makes the conventional double-DIN audio system for integrated multimedia installation with a central 6.2-inch touchscreen. And the steering wheel now contains buttons to the phone, or decrease the stereo and the on-board computer to operate. Anyway, so the tide not at Subaru. The Interior still radiates little class, the choice of material does to say the least meager to for a car of thick fifty Grand. Downright disappointing is the on-board computer that also has a power and a torque chart can be conjured up in image: regardless of the accelerator pedal position (even at gas logs) shows that the maximum curves. Incredibly, a brand that years Lord and master was on the world’s rally slopes now of kermis dials?

2018 Subaru BRZ Sti Interior Images

2018 Subaru BRZ Engine Specs

Are the invisible adjustments than more interesting? The engine is in each case and equipped with new Camshafts and an improved valve control. In addition, there are a number of reinforcements and inner adjustments. All this must be the life. To the performance of atmospheric changes that boxer, however, nothing: peaked at 200 HP and 205 Nm is still able to enjoy there you need to be in the Rev the engine hunting, under the 5,000 revolutions per minute is very little music in. Once up there is like playing. He only gives his maximum drawbar pull at 6,400 rpm smoking. You have just set.

Also, the base is reviewed and with effect. The springs are adjusted (the front, the rear something firmer smoother) giving the car actually on its front wheels to the outside bend will. But, so far it does not. On the back has the BRZ namely a stiffer torsion stabilizer gotten to in the bud and easier to generate, and in addition, of course, upset the car also faster to respond to steering movements. With result. In straight line follows the Subaru nice stable its rate and he goes to the neutral bend nicely. Let your gas halfway through the turn loose, then feel directly that the back begins. With the electronics in the Track, mode gives Subaru you just that required extra freedom to the BRZ by a little play with the gas pedal checked in very upset. Not that that’s now the Holy Grail is, but it is at its best time fun. This car offers you that pleasure. The border between drive and glide is (thanks to narrow 215/45R17 tires) is still not far away, leaving you no extreme speeds need to limit search (after you have turned off all supporting electronics) and the steering is direct enough to again soon.

2018 Subaru BRZ Price

The base is the attraction of this car. Only is that alone is not big enough to justify the price of €51,295. The rest of the car is running there despite the update not in the pass.

+ Communication control
+ Playful frame
-Meager Interior
-Firm price

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