2018 Toyota C-HR Reviews, Price, Interior Dimensions

Monday, April 17th, 2017 - Toyota

Oke Lest Talk about 2018 Toyota C-HR, What Things That make this car so interesting. What I was looking for in my new car to buy and what I found of this back in my new car? Actually, all I was looking for I found back in my new Toyota.

2018 toyota C-HR Preis

And those were the following points:

  • Automatic
  • preferably something bigger and more spacious than my old Mazda 2 even though I had no problem with the Mazda on these points.
  • economical i.v.m. my about 30,000 km per year. Preferably an average consumption of around 1/20, also a consumption monitor tracking
  • fixed navigation is if you used this once very useful
  • adaptive cruise control
  • LED illumination, I find there mostly very nice looking if you’re so around you look to other brands
  • minimum pull weight of 600 kilos. Am especially curious like he does and what the extra consumption word. Will put a note in the consumption monitor after a tank turn.

2018 Toyota C-HR First Experiences.

Head relaxed and relaxed. Head very still and quiet only when accelerating a clear audible hum. Not of the well-known CVT bellowing, but just by a lesser insulation of the engine sound. May also called extra on, because if he’s on speed, just very quiet. The well-known CVT bellowing contrast I find not bothersome. Is only clearly present on insert and faster remedial actions.

Leg and head room enough with my 1.90meterss. Also in the back seat only with boarding okay with the head bending over, as it is known. Starting from 1.95 metres, I think get it tight with head room on back seat and passenger seat.

The view to the rear is because of the coupe model, of course, not great. But so far no problems with it. The standard BSM system, is a good tool.

2018 Toyota C-HR SUV Interior hybrid

The past week also reception problems with the DAB + radio on my route had (New York area). Ranging from complete disappearance of the transmitter to skipping to a different transmitter. Does still the same transmitter to the screen but then goes from Qnonstop to a classical station. Also the volume of the sound sometimes without saying very far back.

Also the breed system turned off. Does not reliable about it because he sometimes no speed signs to indicate whether the Board of the adjacent parallel road. And also on the navigation system become the maximum speed. For speed limits at roadworks and the like are you talking to my idea. This is usually clearly marked or visible.

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