2019 Audi RS3 Sportback Reviews; Who’s the boss?

Monday, March 27th, 2017 - Audi

With the advent of the Mercedes-AMG A45 with its 2.0-turbo of 381 HP Audi have had to respond. Therefore, the hot Audi RS3 Sportback now completely reworked back with 400 HP. If Mercedes feud are looking for.

2019 Audi RS3 Sportback Changes improvement - SUV 2018

The concept

Just like all the ‘ classic ‘ A3 ‘s got the Audi RS3 Sportback first a facelift. New bumpers, new headlights and a redesigned radiator grille underline the sporty character of this hot-blooded compact saloon, the most powerful ever recorded in the catalog of Ingolstadt. But the people of Audi held there. The engineers were driven to extremes by Mercedes-AMG, which brought on the market by the end of 2015 A45 with 381 HP, and made so the opportunity to the motor to the taste of the day. Of the original 367 HP goes the 2.5 turbo engine today to 400 HP, and he loses a further 26 km on the road as well. Double points for Audi!

New Audi RS3 Sportback Changes

The five cylinder in line, of course, has its base sizes (2,480 cc), but was thoroughly reworked. The block, that formerly existed in cast iron, is now in aluminum (-18 km) and gets a leaner and Hollow crank (-1 km), while the oil sump of aluminum on magnesium switch. To improve the distribution is also refined. The in-and outlet adjustable camshafts are today about 24 degrees, while the variable valve lift height (Valvelift) that Audi so close to your heart to better regulate the pressure retaining power supply. The capital gain is due to a larger turbo, which can blow up to 1.35 bar. At the end of the Bill promises the RS3 today 400 HP at 5,850 to 7,000 o/m and 480 Nm at 1,700 to 5,850 o/m. continue the robotized S-Tronic gearbox with 7 ratios and the Four wheel drive (via an electro-hydraulic clutch discs anymore), of course, of the party to the enormous potential of the engine without worries on the road to be able to let go.

2019 Audi RS3 Sportback Redesign

How he drives?

When you start the engine, the show immediately. The deep, rumbling sound of the five Pistons that in gang shooting in the exhaust (which is also reworked) suggests strength and zest for life while the RS3 is in the starting blocks. With the Launch Control enabled sprint the compact muscle bundle from 0 to 100 km/h in seconds – 4.1 0.2 seconds faster than before – and it pushes your head against the seat back after each Select maneuver. Although the data the choice of gears in the automatic Sport stand perfectly manages, we play for fun with the shift levers and poker … which unfortunately conversely working on what in the racing sport is common (push to on to turn it off, pulling to switch back, so the reverse movement of what your body does). In terms of driving the RS3 stunningly efficient, while his balance, that light overdrive to resolve gas, invites you to play. There is also nothing to say on the pull, which is error-free and always very reassuring for icy or dirty surface, like on the roads of the Arabian Peninsula where this test took place. And what a pleasure it is to hear echoes this half V10 as a devil, to him without containing the red zone to hunt and to create your own surprise the chassis at the cutting of balancing a turn to look better to come up with the gas against the shelf.

2019 Audi RS3 Sportback Prices and Equipment

Audi not gifts. Therefore count on 56,000 euros for a RS3 Sportback, or some 2,000 euros more than before. Also the RS3 berline (3 volumes), which in the first place intended for the East and the United States, appears in the catalog and costs still 1,400 euros more. And then there’s that option list, which as always with Audi is very thick and with spicy rates. For those who love a really sporty driving style we can only carbon ceramic the brakes (with larger front discs and fixed saddles with 8-piston) recommend, which have a much greater endurance. The only pity is that Audi has not used this update to the lateral support of the (cockpit) to improve, which chairs in the front still what too wide at shoulder height.

2019 Audi RS3 Sportback Interior Photos - SUV 2018

2019 Audi RS3 Sportback Competitors

We said it at the beginning: Audi RS3 Sportback are undoubtedly has been reworked for dominance of the Mercedes-AMG to undermine A45. The compact saloon car with the four rings takes the Crown over again today in the very select club of the ‘ premium ‘ hot hatches. Who she takes him off again?

Audi was in speed getting caught by his rival with the star and RIpo Salak now with an enhanced RS3. Of course transform the 33 extra horsepower the hot nature of this super sports lover, but they perpetuate it and add a little bit extra explosiveness. He is again the King of hot hatches.

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