2019 BMW 116D Efficient Dynamics Review

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 - BMW

To put the price of this 2019 BMW 116D Efficient Dynamics as low BMW joins the competitors as the VW Golf, particularly the 1.6 TDi. In addition to the Golf militate in this segment other models like the Renault M├ęgane 1.6 DCI, the Opel Astra 1.7 CDTi and the Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi.

2019 BMW 116D Efficient Dynamics MSRP and lauch Day

If you would like to have a BMW and never had a “ceiling” can now fulfill that dream. But beware, don’t look at BMW the same level of equipment that others have. For example, the 2019 BMW 116d EFFICIENT DYNAMICS tested had 5000 euros extra, bringing the value to EUR 34000. The equipment proposed by the base version is, however, sufficiently attractive relative to opponents, such as the VW Golf which offers a version with the same level of CO2 emissions (99 g/Km).

2019 BMW 116D Efficient Dynamics Engine

In addition to the low emissions of CO2, another reason for the low price of the 2019 BMW 116d EFFICIENT DYNAMICS is the fact that the motor has same 1.6 liters of displacement and not 2 liters as was the case with the previous version, which used the same engine of 120 d and 118 with most economic management.

But after all, where is that BMW was disenchant this engine? The Mini. Manufactured by BMW, this little engine is based on applied technology development in other engines, hence your great dexterity combined with huge savings. Thanks to him, the 2019 BMW 116D Efficient Dynamics is more economical than the full range.

At a time when the marks if plot against each other to have lower emissions levels the 116d ED can emit as much CO2 as the smaller engines. Emits less CO2 than the new three-cylinder Ford engine with 125 HP. A performance with positive reflection in the final price.

The new 1.6 diesel manages to take advantage of the 116 HP thanks to the way the binary is expressed between 1750 and 2500 rpm and it is in this range that the 6-speed box offers the best benefits, notably recoveries, which contribute to levels of consumption that exceed the 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

In addition to a more intelligent and attentive management to save on energy and the environment, there are other ingredients that contribute to a higher dynamic efficiency. The lowered suspension in order to optimize the aerodynamics and the use of more environmentally friendly tires, the Michelin Energy Saver. This option respects more the environment and improves comfort in relation to other versions equipped with tires “run flat”. In addition to these tricks to download the 1.6 d engine, ED has also an important aid, the Eco Pro program.

This program, which is almost a common denominator throughout the range, has, in this case, a meritorious performance. And in other models the operation of this Eco Pro 2019 BMW 116d EFFICIENT DYNAMICS is easily perceptive, to condition the engine response, in this case, you can hardly tell.

2019 BMW 116D Efficient Dynamics Interior

In addition to reducing consumption, the echo Pro increases the autonomy. This function is particularly interesting in all scenarios, especially in the city, where the 116 d is very nice to use because of your dexterity in the lower regimes. In fact, the efficiency of this engine could not be greater. Without great care is normal to do 5 liters in the city with the help of Eco Pro and also stop/start system, which demonstrated an unc Iona mento softer than in other versions.

In addition to this economic fact the 116 d ED is also fun to use when we want more adrenaline. For this, we rely on the good interpretation that the direction of the trajectories and with a balanced division of weight for both axes. The behavior is characterized by neutrality because of the grip of the tires Michelin ecological in certain scenarios. Even so, the reactions of the BMW 116 d are perfectly predictable and easy to control, whether they are subviral ras or sobreviradoras, thanks to a lighter chassis and suspension that remains ma of the most elaborate cinematic point of view, either front, wants ago.

In short, the new 116 d may not be the car that we expect of a BMW fussy because it is the less potent version of the range, but it is very pleasant to use. The approach of the price of the BMW 116 d to the VW Golf 1.6 TDI is both a threat to competition and an opportunity for the brand to Munich express themselves better in the European segment more representative, while answers in advance the arrival of its most prestigious competitors, including the new Audi A3, Mercedes A-class, and Volvo V40.

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