2019 BMW X2 VS VOLVO XC40; Which SUV is Better?

Thursday, February 15th, 2018 - BMW, Volvo

Under a sportier prism the 2019 BMW X2 and with a more technological and familiar character the Volvo XC40, the compact SUV receive these two great models. Which will be better?

2019 BMW X2 VS Volvo XC40

The compact SUV segment, in this case of premium orientation, has already received two new models that promise to revolutionize the category. Yes, because between a lot of great functional and versatile SUV, like the Seat Ateca, Skoda Karoq or Peugeot 3008 (in this case with an interior yes more surprising), our protagonists of today arrive at the market providing great doses of fresh air. But what are the keys to the new BMW X2 and Volvo XC40 that we have already been able to drive? What exactly is the contribution of novelty?

The new BMW X2 2019 today completes the major SUV offer of the brand, already with 6 models available. To the most familiar options in segments C, D and E with the X1, X3 and X5, respectively, we can also add their coupé variants with the X4 and X6 above, which is added down now this X2 and, soon, also a superior flagship X7 before Finals CE 2018. Aesthetically debuts grill and retrieves the logos of the brand in the C pillar of models as legendary as the 2000 CS and 3.0 CSL.

For its part, the range of possibilities of Volvo is much smaller today, although we must understand that the Swedish brand is in the midst of reconstruction, once a lot of money injected the Chinese group Geely to which it belongs. With the total change of platforms and, if we do not consider their special crossover versions Cross Country, we can only contemplate today above the great Volvo XC90 in segment E and also almost newcomer XC60 in the D. To them has now added the new bet for the segment C, the Advanced Volvo XC40. Its master lines and design of its lighthouses ambiance with the design of its brothers, but this 40 brings the so fashionable two-color floating effect roof as well as some plastic trims on its doors for, as in the X2, enhance its SUV look.


Thus, BMW X2 and Volvo XC40 will fight in the same segment, albeit with slightly different approaches. The first, the BMW, arrives at a young public of urban character, while the second, the Volvo, brings a somewhat more familiar spirit, with greater versatility. But we should not underestimate the habitability of X2 despite showing 6 centimeters less length (4.36 meters against the 4.42 of Volvo), 4 widths (1.82 meters before 1.86) and 12 height! (1.53 meters in front of the 1.65 of the XC40). And is that, inside, the X2 offers enough amplitude for four adults of great size and even outpaces to the XC40 in terms of the capacity of the trunk with 10 liters more if we stick to the official figures: 470 liters of the load for 460. In any case, even and wide both.

2019 BMW X2 VS Volvo XC40; INTERIOR

In terms of interior ambiance, excellent finishes and ample personalization possibilities define the BMW X2, which includes very comfortable sports seats with mechanically extensible benches and a thick flywheel ring in the M finishes. For its part, as a hallmark the also very careful Volvo XC40 uses the info-entertainment system of the brand with the big vertical screen, that does require a certain period of adaptation.


In what both new SUV 2019 coincide is that in its launch will not count any of the basic mechanics and, soon, will mark their access prices. The BMW X2 starts with the 192 HP 20i engine with sDrive front-wheel drive, and with 190 hp 20d Diesel with xDrive Total traction, both with automatic changeover.

Volvo, for its part, also opens in the XC40 with Engines 2.0: in petrol will have the T5 of 247 HP Power and Diesel with the D4 of 190 hp, both with total traction and automatic change. For the D3 of 150 CV or the tricylindrical 1.5 of petrol with the same power, in both cases with front-wheel drive, we will have to wait until the month of July. Four months before (between March and April), the BMW X2 will have received the engines of 140 and 150 hp in petrol and Diesel respectively.

Meanwhile, and although neither dates nor mechanics are confirmed in either case, we also know that both the BMW X2 and the Volvo XC40 will feature hybrid and/or plug-in hybrid versions. The XC40 will also be unchecked with a totally electric variant.


As for its architectures, BMW X2 and Volvo XC40 resort to modern modular platforms for the conception of their frames. The UKL2 for the X2, shared by Mini and BMW to give life to the models of the Bavarian brand with transverse motor, and front or total traction; And the new CMA for the Volvo XC40, with the same scheme that will also give life to the Lynk&Co 01 (The new Chinese brand of the group) and the rest of the series 40 of the Swedish manufacturer, which envisages a S40 and a V40 among other models.

For the X2, BMW has opted for a configuration of very sporty tuning, while for the XC40, although with something more piquant than in an XC60 or XC90an Volvo opts for a greater balance between comfort and efficiency. Not in vain, this somewhat larger SUV feels also heavier and with greater inertia than its rival, although between a 20d xDrive and a D4 AWD there are hardly 58 kg difference. Of course, in large ways it shows a great feeling of solidity and an air more refined by its minor noise; Always without overlooking that so far we have been able to test both SUVs in different scenarios and without the impartiality of the sonometer.


Another element that is common nexus in both SUV’s is connectivity, with a view to the car becoming now a bridge of connection with our smartphone. The BMW X2 even allows you to interact vocally as we do with wizards like Siri as an option. Suffice it to say that we are cold, for example, so that the air conditioning system automatically selects a higher temperature. Even the driver can share with other people their current location so that they know exactly where we are going and when we arrive. Of course also the vehicle can become WiFi hotspot, wireless charge for the mobile device or be ready for Android Auto or Apple display.

And in the case of the Volvo XC40 no less spectacular will be its innovative Care By Volvo program. Under this innovative service pioneer in 8 countries (among which is Spain), appears a new form of subscription to premium packages of the most exclusive: include from the use, maintenance, hiring of refueling and cleaning, to the delivery of purchases Electronics made from the car, booking services, right a few hours a year of babysitting or chauffeur… and even until collection of medicines. And also allow to have a digital key, an app that from the mobile will open access to certain functions of the car, as even allowing a relative or friend to use it with your mobile when you do not need it. And everything, in principle, for a monthly fee of 699 euros. The future of mobility is already here.

2019 BMW X2 SUV Exterior Color Trims; Golden Yellow and Blue

In short, the interesting duel between 2019 BMW X2 VS Volvo XC40 2019, which today show the transformation of the new SUV, where quality, dynamism, variety, and technology have great prominence, but without leaving aside its practical character. Although we have already lead the two, very soon we will have them in comparison with the measurements of our technical center.

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