2019 Lamborghini SC18 – The Most Ultimated Aventador

Monday, November 19th, 2018 - Lamboghini

The Squadra Corse has decided to take to an even more extreme level the transalpine sport, creating this superb 2019 Lamborghini SC18.

2019 Lamborghini SC18 Engine Specifications

Recently the “swan song” of the Aventador was presented, with the SVJ obtaining the Nurburgring record (meanwhile recovered by Porsche ). But, after all, life goes on, and Squadra Corse, the brand’s division of competition, has decided to elevate this sport to new heights. Thus is born the Lamborghini SC18 Alston, the first special project signed by the Squadra Corse. But even though it’s a model designed for extreme rink performances, it’s still cool to rush madly with him on public roads (obviously, following traffic rules).

In addition to the look capable of scare any supercar that sees this insane bull in the rearview mirror, the aerodynamics of the Aventador was even more optimized for the 2019 Lamborghini SC18. Something that can be proven by the elements in red in the bodywork of this model with a ground clearance of 109mm. These additions are strategically placed where they have a noticeable impact on the ability to tear the wind. As for example in the bonnet with air intakes that are inspired by the Húracan GT3 Evo of competition, also the SuperTrofeo EVO models that are obtained the blades in the body, side skirts and upper air inlet. And, as the idea is to go even to the limit of aerodynamic capacity, we still have a huge rear wing in carbon fiber and adjustable in three levels.

2019 Lamborghini SC18 Engine Specs & Performance

Another highlight is the engine cover, with 12 very aggressive openings, perhaps to remember the number of cylinders of the powerful propeller. We had already mentioned in this article the Aventador SVJ, that equips a motor of 770 Hp and 720Nm. It is precisely this power that also emanates this V12 6.5L of the New Lamborghini SC18, channeled through a seven-speed transmission. In ‘Jota’, this allows to reach 100km / h in just 2.8 seconds, but this value can be improved to even more incredible levels. After all, in addition to the new aerodynamic elements, the brand chose to use a carbon fiber bodywork and used other composite materials, reducing the weight of the Lamborghini SC18.

As for the possibility of seeing this model walk, this will depend on one thing. From the will of the owner, because this was a singular project created for a client of the brand, that surely will be very pleased when receiving this super sport

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