2019 Lexus CT 200h Review; Small Redesign, Battery and Price

Friday, February 23rd, 2018 - Lexus

Here is The 2019 Lexus CT 200h Preview – After his facelift in 2014, the Lexus CT has now again been updated. Or is that enough to stop the recurrent sales? It is courageous in any case.

2019 Lexus CT 200h MPG Fuel Economy

2019 Lexus CT 200h Redesign and Update

At Lexus they still have enough confidence in the 2019 Lexus CT200h, witness the last update, a few months ago. The Japanese are not yet ready with 2011 of the car. Admittedly, the changes to that last update require a skilled eye, yet Lexus has taken the trouble. Or is it enough to give the sales figures of the compact premium hybrid another small boost? It will be tricky. At the beginning of his career, he was good for nice sales, helped by his low CO2 emissions and the (at the time) corresponding favorable percentage of addition. The latter made him attractive to the business driver who was in the market for a compact middle class with the finish level of a few classes higher. A small update at the end of its life cycle is, therefore, more than welcome. Does that make him more attractive?

The changes made by Lexus to the 2019 Lexus CT200h Lenght are partly optical and partly functional. At the front, the lamps, the grille, and the bumper are revised. Behind the retouch brush is subtly passed the bumper and the lighting. On the inside, more colors can now be chosen than before and a larger multimedia screen is available: 10.3 inches instead of 7. That’s fine. Furthermore, the CT 200h can now also be supplied with the Lexus Safety System +. This should, inter alia, help reduce the impact of a collision and prevent it from occurring. The more expensive versions get the system by default, on the basic version it is not available and on the Business Line it is as part of a safety package to order. The adaptive cruise control present in the package does what it needs to do. Otherwise, it is set with the automatic high light. That doesn’t always work just fine. Witness the light signals that we regularly get from oncoming traffic, the electronic eye accuracy is lacking in detecting oncoming movement. So it cannot be meant. However, little can be noticed on the Verkeersbord recognition and the warning in case we get too close to the roadway marking. Lexus is not the first one, but it works flawlessly.

If you are not too long, the space at the front is fine. In the back, it is no different. It is only a pity that the trunk space is so small. Of course, that battery pack has to go somewhere, but there you will be confronted with it when you want to bring your luggage. The interior leaves a solid impression, with high-quality touching materials. The operation of the car has remained the same, which entails the Layout of the instruments and the way the buttons, keys, and switches over dashboard and center console are scattered, which lags behind what we see in the competition. It comes across messy. And with the Shandy multimedia button, we’re not friends either. BMW and Mercedes-Benz show with the 1-series respectively the A-class (although those models are not new anymore) to see that it can be better in a contemporary way.

2019 Lexus CT 200h Battery Life

Nothing has changed on the powertrain either. The engine is still very low in life, and it does not help to turn the Sports mode on. And if you step deeper into the gas, the SC immediately switches so far back, that the engine is in a very high-quality way, with corresponding sound production. It is the downside of a powertrain aiming to get the maximum out of a liter of gasoline. The steering is aloof and is somewhat artificial. However, there is little to be noticed on the road in curves. The 2019 Lexus ct 1.8 200h rolls the corner nicely and follows neatly the route taken. The undercarriage feels sturdy but makes a restless impression. It doesn’t run in the stride with what we know from other compact cars with the premium label. However, contact with the road is so good that we never get the feeling that the car cannot cope with the performance of the engine. There is enough reserve available.
2019 Lexus CT 200h Interior Changes

With a basic price of € 29.195 the 2019 Lexus CT 200h is competitively priced. Audi, BMW and Mercedes ask for the A3, the 1-series and the A-class with five-door bodywork and automatic transmission comparable amounts. But although the CT has a few strong points, he does not know that he is walking on his last legs, despite the update.

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