2019 Mazda CX 5 Redesign, Prices and Release Date

Monday, May 22nd, 2017 - Mazda

It is close, but the new 2019 Mazda CX 5 will be able to escape Class 2 at national tolls, even though it has grown slightly in height. Although measuring 1, 12m height to the plumbing of the front axle (to be in Class 1 would have to measure up to 1, 10m), the new model achieves the second criterion that opens the “doors” to Class 1: The gross weight of 2300 kg, factory, without requiring any additional changes.

2019 Mazda CX 5 Photo Wallpaper 4K

Therefore, if from September, when he arrives, he wishes to buy a new 2019 Mazda CX 5, it is advisable to treat from the green via the logo because, only adhering to this system, will pay Class 1. This is not one of those who do not abdicate the integral traction since only the front traction model meets the requirements. The AWD, with integral traction, will always pay Class 2.

From Evil the less, since the car is really better, it continues to guide itself very well, it is well constructed and is visually more modern, on the outside as inside. It is desirable, however, to recall that it is not a totally new car but an update from the previous one. It grew five millimeters in length, but maintains the habitable space and also the capacity of five seats, being the rears especially undrowned in length for the legs, height, and width.

Also on the front travels very well, now with a new dashboard, where the most obvious novelties are in the highest positioning of the floating touchscreen and the new coating materials, more care and soft.

Given that the range of engines available here does not suffer changes (2.2 Diesel with 150 CV in 4 × 2 or 175 CV in 4 × 4), everything that changes in this 2019 Mazda CX 5 beyond the said is what you see from logo on the photos: a new front with more ripped and modernized optics, a more affirmative front grille and also new rear headlights. The structure in the CX-5 was also improved, to allow gains in structural rigidity in the house of 15%.

The brand also announces substantial gains in noise reduction, thanks to the use of better quality glass, an anti-turbulência format of Pilar A, a more concealed positioning of wiper brushes and lateral front glazing of better acoustic effect, among other small measures.

2019 Mazda CX 5 Interior Style

2019 Mazda CX 5 Engine Specs

In practice, the 2019 Mazda CX 5 continues to not be able to filter the thick voice of the large 2.2 litre diesel engine, especially in the most potent version of 175 CV, which is heard well in acceleration, although “reward” the driver with a good elasticity and a driving, in general, very precise and pleasant for a car of this configuration.

At both power levels are available the choice of a manual or automatic box, always with six speeds, the typical example of precision and speed of all the Mazda manual boxes.

Driving is also facilitated by technological developments in electronic AIDS. Radars, sensors, and cameras now allow the active speed programmer to immobilize the car in the queues independently, in addition to providing recognition of some traffic signals.

The top versions have adaptive LED lights with 12 optical LEDs and capable of providing various types of lighting depending on the conditions: Maximum dazzle shade, long-range mediums, and highway mode are some examples.

The first time in the range is the projection of information in the visual field of the driver (head-up display), or on an acrylic blade in the low and intermediate versions, or in the for-Bricas in the most equipped version.

Banks with a new format and with the possibility of heating also in the second row and electric trunk opening are also new equipment available. The national range will articulate in three levels of equipment, with the essence of 150 CV and front traction on the base, but already stuffed with the G-vectoring curve stabilization system, LED headlamps and automatic handbrake, among other elements.

The intermediate level is the evolve, also only available with 150 CV and, at the top, the level excellence 2.2 diesel of 175 CV, both with front and integral traction.

The brand will launch the new model, among others, with this flagship red Soul Crystal color, which is going to be paid aside and cost a little more than the remaining metallic colours.

2019 Mazda CX 5 Prices and Equipment

Now get the indicative prices for each of the equipment levels:

Essence 150 CV 4 × 2:33 285 €
Evolve 150 CV 4 × 2: between 36 334 € and 43 720 €
Excellence of 175 CV 4 × 4: between 40 378 € and 42 848 €

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