2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D Review; Stronger & Durable

Thursday, September 27th, 2018 - Mercedes

Here are The New updates of 2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D. Last year we drove for the first time with the X-Class and not so long ago we had the pick-up from Mercedes-Benz in a test. We missed the real ‘Mercedes feeling’ in the version with a four-cylinder engine. Does the six-cylinder diesel provide the X class?

2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D Fuel Economy

Indeed, this Mercedes looks like a Nissan, it is based on the Navara and is also built in the same factory, just like the Renault Alaskan. As you can see, in Stuttgart they have gone a bit further than just assembling a grille with a star. No sheet metal part is the same; the carriage is also a few inches wider than that of the Nissan. In addition, the chassis has been tinkered and extra attention has been paid to reducing noise and vibrations. Finally, it is a Mercedes-Benz and in this case a very expensive one too. It is quite special that the brand has not given this car a company car name and thus more or less positions it between the cars. For those who want something different, they reason.

Until now, only a 2.3-liter diesel engine (163 or 190 hp) was on the program. This four-cylinder is from Renault / Nissan, not a German machine. Already during the introduction in October last year, the version with V6 diesel was announced. It is the well-known three-liter machine that has been operating since 2009 and is being phased out in the other models in favor of the new inline engine, which is already being delivered in the current CLS and S-Class. It is linked to the well-known seven-speed automatic transmission, and that technology is gradually making way for the modern 9G-Tronic within the rest of the range. It means in any case that the 2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D has a proven powertrain, not wrong for a robust car like this.

2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D Improvement

Yes, the X is a workhorse. There he is put in the cradle and you can already see that on the chassis: ladder chassis with a rigid rear axle, even though Mercedes speaks of multi-link. You can also see the weight: almost 2,300 kg. Then 258 hp more than welcome, just like the torque of 550 Nm. We already know this diesel engine from other models and it is still a beautiful piece of technology, as we note. He delivers the thrust and flexibility you expect in a car like this, in that respect he is the absolute master of the four-cylinder. No matter how you turn it, a six-cylinder engine lifts the driving characteristics to a higher level, no matter how strong the blown four-pitter is.

It is the characteristic sound, the excellent performance and the well-balanced barrel that powerfully enhance the driving pleasure. If you hit the accelerator to the bottom, the heavy pick-up will advance and even if you take it a bit slower, you always feel that surplus of power. An additional advantage over the lighter engines is the permanent all-wheel drive 4Matic, which is also necessary with so much torque. In normal mode, 60% of the driving power goes to the rear wheels and there is a choice of 4H and 4L, for real off-road driving. Thanks to a regular intermediate differential, a limited slip differential on the rear axle and a low gearing you will not get stuck quickly.

2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D Performance

This X has enough power and he is undoubtedly his male in the field or when pulling a heavy trailer (up to 3.5 tons). However, he can not conceal his origin during normal driving. As we are used to this type of car, the coach feels rather dribbling in the event of uneven road surfaces. The suspension comfort and driving characteristics do not match a car in this price range and are not as we are used to from a Mercedes. He wobbles properly and the controls work numb.

The interior does not fully match the expectations. Especially the lower part of the dashboard, which is almost equal to that of the Nissan, has absolutely not the allure of a contemporary Mercedes. That also applies to the back seat. It is wide, but the backrest is upright and the legroom is also not optimal.

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D costs almost € 124,000 in the, on yellow license plates, and € 70,000 cheaper at our Oosterburen. The entrepreneur will drive him on a gray license plate, were it not that you only have two seats. The body is in fact a little too short, that is why Volkswagen, for example, extends the Amarok. The Dutch market is by bpm simply not suitable for a car like this, because for less money you buy with this brand a handsome GLE or even GLS. That does not detract from the fact that we find the X-class quite a tough appearance and in South America, South Africa, and Australia, for example, he will surely sell well.

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