2019 Mercedes GLA Reviews, Interior, Engine, Redesign

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2019 Mercedes GLA Reviews, Interior, Engine, Redesign – Mercedes has the GLA light at pointed. Only on the level of detail is there to the functionality tinkered, the adjustments are primarily cosmetic in nature. Is that enough for a successful second life phase in a market where to curry favor by lovers of high entry level is fought?

Find Mercedes-Benz after four years the time is ripe for a redesign of the 2019 Mercedes GLA. But apparently they are still in Stuttgart so satisfied with the car that we can better speak of an extremely modest at point session: only on the car detail level is adjusted. This is mainly for cosmetic adjustments and here and there a piece of added functionality, the base has remained the same. Only when you the updated version in addition to a pre-facelift model set, you can see the subtlety with which they have handled the healing brush at Mercedes. So walk the openings in the bumper anything else, is the form of the exterior mirrors and changed the profile of the windscreen styles review. On the look of the car has practically no influence. Though the changes, along with a custom base plate to reduce the air resistance; the CW-value drops from 0.29 to 0.28, which is beneficial for fuel economy, though the differences are marginal.

The option ‘ xenon lights ‘ was canceled. For those who wish to receive this information, is the A-class now available with LED lighting, before and behind? Mercedes is proud that the glow of the led headlights at night driving less tiring for the eyes. In addition, the LED lamps 60 percent more efficient than xenon bulbs and even 70 percent more efficient than Halogen lighting. Further, you do a led lamp no longer replaced; to lifetime. The brake lights and turn signals at the back have
three settings: full strength in daylight, an intermediate position in the dark and a dimmer setting
to prevent traffic had blinded. And as we are at the back are: the trunk can open itself when you are so the command displays with your foot.

The 2019 Mercedes GLA is higher on the legs than the A-class but is lower than most mid-SUVs from other manufacturers. In short, it is a prime example of a cross-over, tricky classifiable. If a high entry level expected, comes somewhat tricked out, there it is not for the car. Sure you have a low seating position in the car. Of course, you can set the seat higher, but that means you soon with your hairstyle along with the headlining scours. What further notice is the limited extent to which the send axially adjustable? If you have longer legs and the Chair, therefore, further away at the pedals, you notice that it’s not enough to send you to. The space in the back is typical, both in the backseat and in the trunk. Looking for the volume you’re much better off with the more practical at Mercedes B-class.

2019 Mercedes GLA Interior Changes

2019 Mercedes GLA Comfortable Point

Under the hood, Mercedes offers a choice of diesel engines in power range from 109 to 177 HP and gasoline engines that are good for 122 to 381 HP. Indeed: 381 HP! In the latter case, the car gave AMG, the sports branch of the company. There they make of the GLA quickly a blood sample. The big question is whether you want it to in the upper GLA. The same AMG-technique is also available in the A-class and then you immediately what closer to the asphalt; good to know if the violence breaks loose. You can not say that Mercedes offers no choice.

We drove the front-wheel-drive 2019 Mercedes GLA 220 d, the 177 HP diesel that comes standard with an automatic transmission. With this Powertrain, the car just fine. The engine has a nice character, the only drawback is that he rather, he’s pretty grumpy. On the seven-speed DCT is not much. Who does his work neatly, making it pretty easy going off thanks to the wide speed range in which the motor releases its maximum pull. For more traction is the 220 d just like the 250 petrol variant at extra cost available with four-wheel drive. However, we have never had the feeling that we are pushing the limits of front wheel drive potential; four-wheel drive may be interesting for those who regularly used the car for a drive to the snow.

The base is available in three variants: as a basis, there is the comfort-oriented design. For those who wish to receive this information, there is also a 15 mm lowered sports suspension available and if you want to land in, then there is an off-road comfort base. That is the car three centimeters higher on the wheels. That provides more ground clearance immediately next to a higher entry level on. Of us, demonstration instance was an adjustable chassis with Adaptive damping. With the push of a button, choose from a comfortable or a sportier setting of the shock absorbers. Next, it should be noted that the difference between the two modes is quite limited; also in the sports car is still quite comfortable. Light is the car in both modes, he is not always very stable on the road.

In short, Mercedes has the comfortable car on details of upgraded properly and what all was good.
+ Comfortable base
+ Friendly Powertrain
-Low is
-Grumpy motor

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