2019 Subaru XV First Test; Forester Redesign With New Technology

Monday, September 18th, 2017 - Subaru

At first glance, the 2019 Subaru XV looks like the previous version, but subcutaneous is a completely new car. Quirky a The Subaru XV has always been: at the top, it’s a brave hatchback, at the bottom he has black plastic protection pieces that make it clear that he can also move out of the beaten track. But this car may be a strange duck in the bite, the customers are fond of it: in Europe, the XV must only tolerate the 2019 Forester redesign in the list of selling Subaru models. No wonder so that the Japanese brand at the successor has retained the concept.

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek SUV Review

Yet the XV is completely new; It is the first Subaru that uses the new Global Platform. That frame is variable in length, so it can be applied to all future models of the brand. The shorter variant, which is used not only for the XV but in almost identical form also for the future Impreza, has a 30 millimeters larger wheelbase than the platform of the current XV-generation. You notice that in the interior; Especially in the back you have considerably more freedom of movement than in the XV that is still in the price lists.

Engine Specs and Reviews

Another important step has been put Subaru in the field of body stiffness. The one side provides more security, which makes the model in Japanese crash tests the highest score ever. Moreover, this stiffness makes for a more comfortable driving, because the bodywork is less moving, especially on bad roads. And the new chassis guarantees more dynamics: the compact XV drives Lichtvoetiger than before and has less load of understeer. Also, the braking system and the controller react faster than the previous generation.

The new engine knows less to convince. The 2-liter petrol engine has direct injection, which increases the power and torque. However, the reaction to the accelerator pedal is disappointing, in any case in our prediction test specimen. The stepless automatic dispenser doesn’t help either. You do not escape, because a handbag is now no longer available, just more as the 150 HP diesel engine delivered to date. The only alternative: the largely unchanged 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 114 hp.

2018 Subaru XV Interior Specs Pictures

A revolution is not the new Subaru XV(aka Forester Facelift), although it is completely new developed. Appearance continues this SUV-like Subaru a valance love it or hate it. The obligatory combination of gasoline engine and stepless dispenser will not fall into the taste of every driver.

Pros and Cons

+ can also be on the ground out of the feet
+ Lots of interior space
– Slow reaction to the accelerator pedal
– No Handbook available

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