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The 2019 Tesla Model S is an authentic missile. 700 CV Electric, with unbelievable accelerations for a deluxe Berlin. But can we get from Lisbon to the harbor? Yes. We tell him everything!2019 Tesla Model S Redesigna and Changes

The prejudices in relation to electric cars are still many and sometimes prevent them from realizing the advances that are being made. It is true that connecting the two largest Portuguese cities in an electric automobile is not yet easy but we have been doing the experience with a top model that, theoretically, it would even be prepared to take the course at once: the majestic 2019 Tesla Model S P85 D, the two engines and 700 CV, with batteries of 85 kWh and theoretical autonomy of 480 km.

We left Lisbon with the battery to overflow from electrons jump and the panel to settle us with 420 miles of autonomy. Well-behaved, we put the cruise control at 120 km/h precise and, Porto, here we go!

Here we go with infinite patience. Let the Tesla roll at 120 km/h, with a comfort that makes it seem stopped, the almost total silence just broken by the tire bearing 245/45 R19 – There are 21 ‘ ‘ Wheels in option but lower autonomy. – It is a challenge to our resistance when we know the potential we have under the right foot. The Model S P85 D has an engine on the rear axle with 476 CV and another on the front with 224 CV. At all are 700 CV and a torque of 931 Nm available so if “crush” the accelerator.

The sensation of a background acceleration is indescribable – 1.7 s up to 60 km/h and 4 s up to 100 km/h on a 5-meter and 2240 kg Berlin. For this, we have to change, in the huge central screen where everything is controlling, the type of acceleration of the normal mode that is a sport for the mode… Insane. And for the exaggerated Tesla still, has the optional mode. Ludicrous (absurd) that, for 11 439 euros, cuts more 0.3 s to acceleration 0-100 km/h! There are stories of customers who buy these luxurious berlins. for Achincalharem friends who have Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini.

We are in fact in another world when we enter this 2019 Tesla Model S. The space in the passenger compartment is more than generous, the back suitcase – because there is still a good range of 150 liters in the front – it is gigantic, the equipment is captivating and the whole set is of an extremely friendly, simple and with remarkable attention to detail. Then we always return to the superb dynamics, with Flash in accelerations and excellent behavior, thanks to the center of low gravity and the wide pathways.

Made the “Presentations”, remade from a certain initial surprise, we begin to realize that the numbers of autonomy are lowered much faster than the odometer! The freeway is not the land of the election of the electric… Consumption rounds the 25 kwh/100 km, which leaves us with warning, knowing that there is 300 km to do and that the 85 kWh of the battery are not used in its entirety.

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The time has come to face another “chronic” problem for electric cars: The long climbs of the lamp saw that almost the “kills”: in a few kilometers the autonomy falls almost three teens. We arrive at the area of Pombal, at km 164 of the A1 and we have only 160 km of autonomy. Theoretically enough to get to the harbor, we’re less than 140 kilometers away. But from theory to practice goes a huge distance and the so-called ‘ scare coefficient ‘: the autonomy displayed is not equal to the kilometers we will go through!

The post there is and the conclusion is that the trip to the port is perfectly possible provided that it is programmed to coincide the time of the meal with the passage through the service area. It is 45 minutes to reassure the stomach and to re-see on the onboard computer the indication of autonomy: 445 km of autonomy.

We go on a journey, and now we exaggerate that threshold that is public and notoriously the extreme that allows us to safeguard the Charter. Cruise control at 140 km/h, consumption rises to the 31 kwh/100 km and autopilot continues to enchant us. We’ve come to the harbor. The first part of the mission accomplished, so much more than the autonomy indicated to continue to allow us to arrive again in the area of Pombal for new cargo.

In total, it was 684 km, with consumption of 26.4 kwh/100 km. Putting in perspective, if all the energy consumed had been paid to EDP’s empty time price, the trip would have stayed in €16 for fuel!

If the 2019 Tesla Model S can do Lisbon-Porto at once? Some people swear that they have already done it but at a speed of 100 km/h, which will be a real test of nerves when they have a potential of these under the right foot! We believe that it will, for example, by the National Highway, where not only speed is lower, as there are much more slowdowns that contribute to increased energy regeneration. But it’s a more uncomfortable trip for the biggest volume of traffic, especially trucks. As for the motorway option, yes, it does very well, as long as they organize the schedules well. And no, it doesn’t need a hotel halfway! It can perfectly go at the end of the morning, have a long work meeting at the harbor and return to the end of the day quietly, as long as it counts with two stops of about 45 minutes in Pombal. That’s if no more electric car drivers have an equal time.

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