2019 Tesla Model X P90D

Monday, March 13th, 2017 - Tesla

2019 tesla Model X – Tesla rumbles with the Model X the market for big SUVs silently inside. Literally and figuratively, because of its electric drive with its unusual doors and unimaginable performance. We see how he performs in other respects.

2019 Tesla Model X P90D Redesign

Even if your crystal ball a bit cloudy, it is easy to predict how the future will go. When it comes to cars, at least. SUVs and crossovers will determine the street scene and the all-electric car will be more and more ground. And then there’s the autonomous moving car. For that matter, would this 2019 Tesla Model X so send here from the future? A fully electric SUV-like car, with illustrious autopilot and futuristic opening rear doors.

The Model X you should be familiar to you, because the car is not only technically, but also visually based on the Model S. Irreverent said in the last thing air blown to the design of this car. Particular to the Tesla is the windscreen that extremely far extends into the roof and exceptional views of the star. The wing doors for the rear passengers are a real point of interest. They, of course, also electrically open and unfold in slow motion as the wings of a bird of prey. It will also be therefore that Tesla they affectionately known as Falcon Doors. When there are no barriers, then they end up at a 90-degree angle on the car. There are obstacles, then they turn out on more points to hinges.

2019 Tesla Model X P90D Interior New Features

Another unique feature of the 2019 Tesla Model X in this P90D execution is the acceleration. Although launch a better word is, probably. In the ‘ Ludicrous mode ‘ 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds to POPs the Tesla – and that for a car of 2,440 kilos. It is thanks to the two electric motors on each axle of the Tesla, a. They are good for a joint capacity of 1,000 Nm 532 HP and a torque that the accesses. The air-sprung Tesla drives smoothly, but in turns and at sturdy brakes you notice that it’s a heavy car.

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