2019 Toyota Proace 4X4 Van – Specs, Price, Features

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 - Toyota

Here is The New 2019 Toyota Proace 4X4. A big push for Toyota: as a partner in the PSA delivery van, it can now also deliver the Proace with the 4×4 drive from Dangel. The integral system sets the delivery van as a mud wrestler at the same level for the time being with big brothers Hilux and Land Cruiser.

2019 Toyota Proace 4X4 Specifications

The rain has turned the sandy off-road course into a slippery mud pool. Even on a flat surface, the Hilux wagon tail, which has been reclaimed for exploration of the site, is loosening. In the bowl-shaped curves it is important to look for the upper edges, because according to the instructor there is “at least some grip”. The Hilux tilts sideways to apparently 45 degrees and can handle it all, just like the Land Cruiser for us. The profile of the M + S-tires is full of sticky mud and sometimes snagged for grip, but the cars come up again and again struggling. “And now we’re going to get the vans”, the chief of our mission sounds determined. Fine, wondering where we are going to drive.

The Dutch importer immediately raised his finger when Toyota Europe made it clear that the 4×4 versions of the Expert and Jumpy, developed in cooperation with Automobiles Dangel, also became available as Proace. Each country is free to decide whether it wants to carry the 4×4 as well. The cars are simply delivered through the dealer and the three-year warranty is unaffected. The Dutch customer can choose from almost all possible variants of the Proace, as long as the engine is only a 2.0 D-4D with 122 or 150 hp. That means a six-speed gearbox and no availability of a machine – too bad, but Dangel just did not develop it. The importer agrees that the market is small; it thinks it can sell the car to companies for which the notorious ‘last mile’ should not be traveling in the city, but somewhere where 4×4 is a requirement.

2019 Toyota Proace 4X4 Price

The extra price for the four-wheel drive is € 8.995, so the 2019 Toyota Proace 4X4 is available from € 30.195 (excluding VAT / BPM). The car is delivered immediately after manufacture to Dangel, which further reduces the car on a special production line. In the design phase of the delivery van, the conversion to 4×4 has already been taken into account; for example, another fuel tank had already been designed with the same capacity as the 4×2 versions. The drive takes place on the front wheels with optional or no automatic rear wheels – the latter via a visco-clutch. The electronics themselves regulate the distribution of the pulling force between front and rear axles. Optionally there is a limited slip differential that creates a fixed connection between the two rear wheels, while also allowing for a ground clearance that is increased by 40 mm.

We have now picked up the 2019 Toyota Proace 4X4 test cars and it appears that we are just literally going into the wheel tracks of the Hilux and Land Cruiser. The Proace 4×4 stands tough and can actually do everything that its big, experienced brothers can do. Thanks to its much shorter nose, the view of the underground from the Proace is even better than from the Hilux. With the extended Proace with double cab, its long tail section folds hard against the ground. Does not matter, the bottom is protected from front to back. The automatic 4×4 system does its job unobtrusively (no shocks or noises) and manages to mobilize enough grip every time to the large and heavy Proace (by the 4×4 with 80 kg heavier), which also stands on M + S-tires, from seemingly very difficult situations. Amazing what he can do. The 2.0 engine does not even have to work hard for it; a little more than idle speed is sufficient. The limited slip differential does not have to take action either – the even rear wheels would also ‘press’ the car forward under these slippery conditions and that was not the intention. For a long asphalt ride – on the way to that swampy ‘last mile’ – there was no opportunity yet, but we’ll probably make it later.

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