2019 VW Tiguan Review; Interior, Dimension, Gas Mileage, Price

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 - Volkswagen

The premiere of the MQB platform at the 2019 VW Tiguan inaugurates a whole universe of possibilities. There’s more room for people and suitcases, more security, comfort, and connectivity.

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Australia Price and Release Date

Design and Platform

Presented in 2007, the VW Tiguan was a pioneer in a segment that, at the time, took the first steps. An alternative to those who found the monotonous Golf and did not need the Touareg Arsenal TT, it was soon worthy of a prominent place in the bosom of the VW family. Over 2.8 million of units marketed in more than 170 countries attest to the popularity of VW compact SUV. The problem is that since then, the competition more than tripled and with it the risk of becoming just “one more”. So that doesn’t happen, VW just renovated the Tiguan.

A profound renewal that begins with the premiere in the segment of the renowned platform MQB. For the 2019 VW Tiguan was chosen the evolution MQB A2 that, as we will see, moves away from the Golf to get into the land of the Passat. The modularity of the base allowed to stretch the Tiguan up to 4.49 meters in length, adding 60 mm to the anterior and extending the wheelbase to the 2.68 meters. A 77 mm gain that translates to more than 29 mm of space for the legs of the occupants of the rear seats.

Assuming a more practical and functional strand, the gutter that allows to move the rear seats longitudinally gained 2 cm, arrives now at 18 cm, allowing to expand the trunk of the 520 litres, more 50 L than the previous generation, up to the 615 L. Batting the backs of the banks , the available space arrives at 1655 L, plus 145 l than the previous one. Before hitting, the back of the seats can be slightly adjusted to the slope. To lie down, just trigger a lever on the sides of the trunk. The movement leaves a small step on the floor which, apart from that, is regular and has two heights. Under this one hides the emergency spare tire and can be arranged to Hatbox. Despite the gains in the interior volumetry, the 2019 VW Tiguan is 33 mm lower improving the access of occupants and baggage, whose cargo plan is 50 mm lower.

The modular platform is also responsible for the slimming of 53 kg which, associated with improved aerodynamics (the Cd downloaded from 0.37 to 0.32), contributes to a global reduction of consumption. Equally significant, the increase in structural rigidity improves safety and behaviour, without forgetting the comfort. In this case, a more torsion-resistant structure allowed to assemble softer dampers.

2019 VW Tiguan Fuel Consumption and Tank Capacity

Interior Design

More ahead, we find the typical VW familiarity. materials, applications and drawings are unmistakable. From the tactile screen of the central console, with the typical proximity sensor, it could be a Golf. However, we know by the fully digital instrument panel, with four possible themes, which is more akin to the Passat. The denomination Ergo Seat denounces the comfortable orientation of the new front seats, still thinner than the previous ones. Hands fall naturally on the steering wheel, whose multiple adjustments and good alignment with the bank contribute to a good and easy-to-adjust driving position. Higher, in the face of the previous generation, the conductor has a dominant position on city transit.

Recognizing the utilitarian vocation of 2019 VW Tiguan, VW has made it functional. There are ample spaces to receive everyday objects and almost everyone with Tampa. The door pouches, lining the carpet, and the shelf between the box selector and the central console are the exception. Cup holder and additional glove compartment in the centre of the dashboard and to the left of the steering wheel, as well as the armrests between the front seats can be closed.

Expanded by the sharing of components arising from the modularity of the MQB A2 platform, the supply of safety equipment includes the emergency braking systems and multi-collision, airbags for the driver’s knees and active bonnet, the first of the VW, to minimize injury in case Hit-and-run.

In the field of convenience, it is possible to open the trunk with a foot pass under the fender, load the cellphone without cables or maintain the speed and distance to the front car with the cruise control with radar.

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Availability USA

2019 VW Tiguan Engine Specs

Even adopting a more functional positioning, the Tiguan did not lose the adventurous spirit. With 19 cm height to the ground and a new multiarm rear suspension, it has the ability to smooth all the lumbar, sound bands and much of the rides that appear in the front. With the bodywork movements always under control, invites to explore the good tact of the direction and the six-speed box. The touch is precise and the escalation takes the best of 340 Nm of binary available from the 1750 rpm.

While not arriving the version 1.6 TDI of 115 CV (33 500 €), scheduled for late June, this Tiguan 2.0 TDI of 150 CV (38 730 €) is the most desirable. And even afterwards, it might still be the most balanced. Always available and well insulated from the passenger compartment, the 2.0 TDI engine maintains with average ease of 4.7 l/100 km on the road. The city raises the consumption up to the 7.3 L/100 km, precisely one litre above the weighted average.

Even with well-controlled bodywork movements, it is understood that dynamic behaviour has not been among the priorities of those who developed the Tiguan, because it is also not among the priorities of who will buy it. It’s dispatched and comfortable, but it doesn’t impress. Available from very early, the binary does not give the traction control rest. A hyperactivity that feels in the form of strong dwarfs to the exit of closed curves, regardless of speed.

2019 VW Tiguan Price (Previous Version)

More elegant, comfortable and functional, the new 2019 VW Tiguan stands out from the generalist competitors. A bold positioning that puts the 38 730 € of this Tiguan 2.0 TDI of 150 CV in the same orbit of the Audi Q3 2.0 TDI of 120 CV and the 41 000 € of BMW sDrive 18d de 150 CV

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