2020 BMW X5 30d xDrive Horsepwoer

2020 BMW X5 30d xDrive Horsepwoer

2020 BMW X5 30d xDrive: The first X5 convinced almost 20 years ago the BMW drivers that ‘a jeep’ could also be sporty, but through the years the model became more and more comfortable. Does this fourth generation turn the clock back?

2020 BMW X5 30d xDrive AWD

2020 BMW X5 30d xDrive Review

We have now reached the fourth generation of the X5 (type name ‘G05’ for some region). It looks familiar but comes from a completely different vessel. For the chassis, BMW switches on its modular CLAR platform, which we also find with the 7-Series and the new 8-Series, but also with the new 3-Series and Z4. The possibilities to play with dimensions based on this platform seem almost endless, because, besides the X3 and the X5, the X7 will also use this chassis.

The new X5 immediately looks familiar. Up front you can discuss the aesthetic persuasiveness of the giant kidneys until you weigh one of us, while in the back it takes some time to get rid of the boomerang form in the light blocks – yet BMW does hold on to that boomerang shape for the light signature that comes in the dark next to the doors is projected, but well.

2020 BMW X5 30d xDrive Dimensions

Anyway, it is immediately clear that you get more X5 with the new generation. It is 3.6 centimeters longer (4.92 meters in total), preferably 6.6 centimeters wider (the full 2 meters, without side mirrors, counted) and 1.9 centimeters higher (1.75 meters). This also largely eliminates the weight savings of the CLAR platform. No X5 weighs less than 2 tons – empty – and in the case of the BMW X5 30d xDrive we see that the X5 has been increased from one generation to the other even 40 kilograms: including the options, our test X5 taps off 2.3 tons. You may wonder whether a visit to the fitness is necessary.

2020 BMW X5 30d Interior & Feartures

We Like

  • Comfort and dynamism
  • Smooth and economical six-in-line
  • Finishing quality
  • Ergonomically enhanced multimedia system
  • Spacious suitcase

We Don’t Like

  • Awkward width in parking spaces
  • High weight
  • Legroom in the back
  • High price
  • Many and expensive options

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