2020 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign, New Features & Equipment

Saturday, July 21st, 2018 - Ford

No one will claim that the previous Ford Fiesta ST was a perfect car. Perhaps that is precisely why everyone will want to confirm that the car had a towering fun factor. Now there will be a 2020 Ford Fiesta ST, which according to Ford is better in everything. But should we want to?

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign and Changes

+ Great Playful
+ Sound

-Still not Very comfortable
– What a money for a Fiesta!

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign

Some cars are not nice because they are very good at everything, but precisely because they sacrifice certain things to excel in other things. Such a car is the last Ford Fiesta ST. Plank hard, uneconomical and inside very moderately finished, but you forget that as soon as you come on a winding road. That is what the Fiesta excels. By its feedback, by the sound, by the loose rear axle. It makes him naughty and endlessly charming.

Now Ford grinds that car fine until the new ST and the accompanying press release Ronkt about everything in which the new is better. And that’s actually in everything. It is more comfortable, more stable and more efficient. Exactly, all those things that you could forget behind the wheel of the previous one right away. Behind the wheel of the new thank goodness too, because in his heart the ST remains a bailey.

Halfway through a da lumbar hairpin, the gas is thrown off, still ensures that the back takes a big step aside, and that keeps a party every time, especially since the ST is getting exciting, but never really in common. With ESP in sports mode, you usually have to take care of the car even before the electronics have to occur. At the same time, Ford now gives you the option to mount a mechanical Limited slip differential on the front.

This will give you more control and you will have to pull the loose back again faster. It makes the Fiesta slightly less playful but does not go so far that his the interest Hufterigheid suffers from it. That is a compliment. Moreover, the Limited slip differential ensures that more of the 200 hp and 290 Nm that are at your disposal will be placed on the asphalt and that the amount of understeer is still further reduced. And it was already not much. This also applies: it is somewhat less spec taculair than with a smoking inner front wheel The bend out storms, but a lot more effective. The almost manic way in which the car’s front of the Fiesta wants to pull the curve out, in turn, has its own charm.

The steering is rarely direct, offers just enough back coupling and more than enough precision. And although the brakes are going to smell quite well in a sturdy driving style, they continue to slow down. All in all, Ford has managed to make the ST better and more capable, without losing sight of what makes the car, in essence, a public darling. Only the increased comfort is a bit disappointing. Well, you don’t have to bounce all the time in your cockpit seat, but there are still plenty of ways to make more comfortable long distances.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Chassis; Comfortability

Somehow it disappoints a bit if you know how much effort Ford has put into it and what a quirk the 2020 Ford Fiesta ST contains. For example, the shock absorbers are fitted with a valve, which allows the damper to react differently to high-frequency shocks than low-frequency. On bad roads, they give less resistance, but as soon as you let the whole carriage lean In one turn, they push back more effectively. And then there are the force Vectoring springs in the back. This means that the springs in the torsion axle are bent behind slightly. As a result, the feathers help to keep the rear axle better in place compared to the chassis, something that is normally done entirely by the rubbers. As a result, those are somewhat softer, with more comfort as a result. A little bit more comfort.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior Feature Update

2020 Ford Fiesta ST New Engine

Not only the chassis is different, the engine is completely new and technologically just as interesting as the chassis. Although the engine with 1.5 liters barely has less content, it now does it with only three cylinders instead of with four. Sometimes the EcoBoost under part load turns off the middle cylinder, leaving a 1, 0liter two cylinder remaining. During the introduction, we did not notice this transition, but in all honesty, the throttle was usually against the bulkhead, so perhaps it has not occurred either. Under load, the three-cylinder sounds exactly as you hope: nice rough and loud throats offend. It is simulated with a valve in the exhaust as well as with other artificial means, but the result does provide a sound experience that effectively increases the joy of the party.

Besides a satisfactory sound, the 1.5 has enough pit. The engine also runs like touring and feels strongly about the entire range. The Fiesta ST proves even faster than you can reasonably ride on the public road. However, there is a lot to be noted for the choice of a three cylinder. Because the engine type is unbalanced by definition, opposing forces must be created. This makes the rotating parts in the engine relatively heavy and because the turbo also has to build pressure on it, there is some delay between the moment of Gasgeven and the moment of reaction. In the case of gas, the engine delirious quite a long time, so the whole process in situations where a lot needs to be switched can be messy.

To synchronize the engine speed with the Baksnelheid by means of Tamang needs, for example, some exercise. You learn to work with it, but the throttle response may be better. If we are complaining: even though the Sestak itself is delicious, the poker should be a little better at your fingertips.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Price & Equipment

Apart from all the ST-specific parts, the sporty Fiesta also benefits from all the improvements that have been made throughout the Fiesta reeks. This means a nicer interior, a faster infotainment, and chairs that can be adjusted further down. The Recaro’s do not only look wonderful but are also so. Moreover, they are included in the – honestly hefty – from the price of €31,790.

The differential lock will cost you €950 extra and although the options are generally friendsly priced, the total price sun can go up to about €35,000 if you order the ST fully dressed. Of course, this is largely due to the tax climate in our country, but that does not mean that it is a lot of money for a Fiesta, even if it is so much fun as the ST.

The question we set ourselves at the beginning of this story, however, was not about the financial sense of The car. The question was: should we want this better ST? The answer to that question cannot be answered differently than with a resounding: Yes!


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