2020 Ford Transit Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid; Specs & Release Date

Sunday, September 16th, 2018 - Ford

Here is The New Update of 2020 Ford Transit Hybrid. Two blue-oval electrified vans have been unveiled, which unveil the new 48-volt Transit hybrid and Hybrid Transit Plug-In with Extender

2020 Ford Transit Hybrid Custom Plug-in

These are sobering figures with which Ian Porter comes. The chief engineer of the Transit Custom, together with Transport of London, has calculated that 75 percent of the freight traffic in and around the British capital is done by van. At peak times, 7,000 Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) cross the River Thames every hour. That so many diesel engines are disastrous for air quality, the smallest child knows. That something has to be done, they now also understand Ford, witness the Transit Custom, which from the end of 2019 also as petrol hybrid is to get. This makes the Blue Oval tonic an environmentally-friendly alternative to the full-power orderers that other brands now have in the program.

The new engines are gaining more and more weight in the automotive world, and now a new technology makes its entry into the world of prepared vehicles … to carry a lot of weight. This is because the information regarding the Ford Transit 48-volt Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid with autonomy extender, which will be displayed in the Hall of Hannover, was announced. The arrival in the market is planned for the middle of next year.

The first of these models, the 2020 Ford Transit 48-volt hybrid uses this higher current to power the starter and alternator, offering an additional boost to the Ecoblue 2.0 diesel engine. This extra strength will have benefits in two areas, allowing you to gain additional strength in accelerations and lower fuel consumption and emissions. And it is highlighted the type of driving in which this technology will make its benefits stand out, and that is the driving with more stops in an urban environment, due to the use it makes of the energy generated in the brakes.

2020 Ford Transit Hybrid Engine Specs

It also joins the Ford Transit Plug-In Hybrid, which will be able to meet 50km in electric mode and which makes use of an Ecoboost 1.0 engine as a stand-alone extender. It is explained that this van carries the batteries (placed under the floor so as not to influence the carrying capacity) during the longest journeys, which allows driving up to 500km between stops. This model will still be awarded new design and specific information in the infotainment system.

Performance & Range

On paper, this Transit Custom is a PHEV, but in practice, the plug-in hybrid differs from what we generally understand. Range Extender would in this case be a more correct name because the combustion engine never drives the wheels directly. That task is reserved for an electric motor of 50 kW, fed by a battery pack of 14kWh that can store electricity for up to 50 kilometers. You can charge the batteries in 5 hours at a classic 10 Amp socket, with 16 or 32 amperes in three hours. And if your ride is longer than 50 kilometers? Then the three-cylinder petrol engine of 1,000 cc automatically turns on to generate electricity as a generator. On the way, you decide when you use those 50 zero-emission kilometers..

Tip the button EV LATER and the Transit saves its batteries to electrically enter a city center (and bypass any environmental taxes), press EV NOW and the petrol engine is silent (provided the batteries are charged). In all other circumstances, EV AUTO provides the appropriate drive. Whether there is another EV CHARGE function that allows you to run the internal combustion engine to charge the batteries while driving is still under discussion. As is known, such a function results in a substantial additional consumption, which would jeopardize the CO2-homologation of the PHEV. Given the limited EV autonomy, which was still measured under the old NEDC rules, it would, in any case, be a useful addition.

How far the Transit Custom enters EV mode before the petrol engine starts, we were unable to verify during the prototype test at the Lommel Proving Ground. But what we have noticed is that the current electric motor is just enough to unload the van unloaded – let alone when ramps or loads are involved. Ford promises improvement in the form of a more powerful electric motor, which will drive the production version from 2019 onwards. How much more powerful the engine is, the engineers do not want to lose, but they confirm that the extra power will make a tangible difference. On the other hand, it is also true that the Transit Custom PHEV must prove its usefulness especially in city centers, where the average speed is around 30 km / h anyway. But if you still have to get on the ring or highway, the extra power will certainly come in handy.

Yet Ford continues to believe that a Range Extender is the right solution for the Transit Custom, for three reasons. Firstly, because the set-up does not take up a load volume, but is simply mounted under the existing chassis. Secondly, because the compact combination only adds 130 kilograms of weight, so that the (otherwise excellent) driving dynamics are not compromised. And thirdly, because the cost price stays within limits in this way, which would be different in the case of complete electrification.

2020 Ford Transit Hybrid Release Date

New data and telematics services for fleets were also unveiled, which were developed by Ford Smart Mobility. An App will be available in the future to optimize the use of cars, analyze the costs of use and manage between different drivers. It will also be possible to make these data available to the fleet managers, which will facilitate the implementation of specific solutions for each company. All this news will be presented at the Hanover Hall, where will also be the new pick-up Ranger 2.0 Ecoblue of 213cv and 500Nm, which arrives on the European market next year.

How much the Transit Custom PHEV will cost in the middle of next year is not yet known. Ford hopes to keep the extra price in line with the diesel, so that the Total Cost of Ownership remains about the same due to the lower fuel bill and taxes. Unless you have to enter the city center of London three times a day and save € 12 Congestion Charge each time, because then the sum is, of course, made quickly.

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