2020 Honda Civic Type-R Honest Review; Japanese 320 Horsepower

Thursday, July 20th, 2017 - Honda

2020 Honda Civic Type-R Honest Review; 320 Japanese Horsepower – A manual gearbox. No automatic, such as at the competition. 320 horsepower on only the front wheels. No four wheel drive. It makes the new 2020 Honda Civic Type-R different from any other. And better.

2020 Honda Civic Type-R Rendered

Time to send in, thick on the kerbstones. Then in a smooth line, far by pulling in the touring and just before the limiter to the next gear. The Red-Fluorescing counter needle for my nose moves something beyond the 7,000 rpm, flashing red lights indicate that it is time to switch, my right-hand flashes to the poker and while I want to insert the fourth corridor, he slips of the smooth round shift knob. A link error. The professional driver catches a hole before me, I must again the pursuit. Klutz! Well, I thought, in yet another modern hot hatchback was this me not happened. In an Audi RS3, Volkswagen Golf R or Mercedes-AMG A45 I had simply put the machine poker in D and was focused on all the good hitting the apex and the highest speed possible turn-out. But this is not one of those other hot hatches. This is the latest Honda Civic Type-R. And who has no automatic, but a fabulous six-speed transmission, which you traditionally with your hand and left foot should operate. That causes you to – more than in the competing models – are solely responsible for your achievements, also in a sweltering room in round number 5 on the Lausitzring. And that is wonderful.

Honda chooses a conscious to the super-Civic no vending machine, and also four wheel drive is not on the list; “No doubt there are customers who prefer, but that simply do not fit with the DNA of a Type-R. ‘ Nice, that a car builder did not choose the highest sell, but for a set up where it itself believes in. And you bet that Honda intend is gone in the development of the new sportsman. To all 320 horsepower and 400 Newton meters to regulate via the front two tires brand attracts a hefty bag of tricks open. The 2020 Honda Civic Type-R now has Multilink rear suspension (more capable and comfortable than the torsion bar of before) and developed by a front suspension of the outgoing Type-R, which in short the points on which the front wheels steer and feathers are separated. This allows the forces of the drive and the Steering each go their separate ways and belongs to torque steer (a wild pulling steering wheel at sharp acceleration) almost completely a thing of the past. What you can clearly feel in your hands, is the differential lock that standard between the front wheels and torque constantly between left and right divides. Go when leaving a quick turn on the gas pedal and the front axle pushes the nose of the car in the right direction, as it were, without saying that it’s fairly easy to beautiful lines to drive without the car is sliding. For the right feeling when entering a turn the Active Handling Assist also helps. In a turn that system inhibits the inner wheel very subtle off a bit, so that the weight of the car in the right direction.

2020 Honda Civic Type-R Interior

All those facilities effects, yet the Steering behavior of the Type-R at back less than you might expect. For example, a Ford Focus RS reacts more eager on your input, while those hot hatchback also gives more feedback in his control. On that falls flat on the Civic namely still some; certainly, in the two sportiest modes, the car is heavier and not so much communicative.

2020 Honda Civic Type-R Honest Hyperactive

The said positions are linked to a switch next to the shifter. After starting the 2020 Honda Civic Type-R State standard in Sport, a stand that according to Honda offers the ideal mix of sportiness and comfort. New is the supply Comfort and that change is particularly welcome. Once selected, turn on the car are electronically controlled dampers a bit smoother, while the control system requires less power and less nervous on the accelerator the engine responds. Still is very fast, but the Civic ‘ Comfort ‘ ensures that you can choose to have the Type-R not just as a hyperactive Whippet dog in your neck to be panting. The consequence? Unlike the previous Type-R this is a car that is also very suitable for family rides, commuting or longer trips. That multi-employability is perhaps the ultimate appeal of a hot hatchback. Quiet as you have to, but a beast as it can. And this 2020 Honda Civic Type-R can that. Double tap against the switch and you will activate ‘ + R ‘: the engine depends on hit singer to the gas, the controls work heavier and more direct and active absorbers select their hardest position. Here too, the heavy control rather artificial to the touch than more dynamic. Be very tight in the 2020 Honda Civic Type-R, which sends the body less and provide better what’s under the car. The behavior of the Type-R is very balanced and pretty predictable, without that it gets boring. At high speeds (bend) offers the set up many stability thanks to sophisticated aerodynamics and at all times the Civic benefits of many mechanical grip, thanks to the Continental Sports Contact 6 tapes that have been developed specifically for this Honda.

Although the transmission and three pedals offer enough potential for the better hand and foot work, helps the Type-R in the background in order to improve the performance of car and driver. Not only by a sufficiently subtle that traction control system works, but also by a system that automatically Tamang will switch back. To customize the VTEC Turbo speed to switch are smoother. We like work, but diehards who want to play with ‘ and ‘, can disable the feature in the menu.


Beautiful or ugly? That discussion flares up frequently on this Honda. Judgment themselves, but what we like in any case to the Type R, is that virtually everything about this car has a function. The Air led Kitty on the roof, the bulges above the rear window, the extra thin rear spoiler, they help all along to the air currents to optimize and are not there for the ornamental. The same applies to the spacious under the rear bumper diffuser, which helps to the Type-R so-called negative ‘ lift ‘. The row ar move the walls as efficient along, over and under the car, that the 2020 Honda Civic Type- extremely much downforce generates and press harder against the asphalt itself than any competitor as well. And take that three discharge ports. Circus, you say? Not quite, because the Middle damper has a function. At low engine speeds, he lets the Civic character fuller sound, but at constant speeds creates a vacuum in the smaller exhaust causing irritating at row sounds and be compensated. Again a feature that will make the new Honda Civic Type-R 2020 is a better allrounder than all his predecessors. You no longer need to be afraid that you the Civic sat is on longer rides; modern amenities make this more than ever a car for every day. One that is flexible and accommodating on-call, but can turn into a delicious hooligan. And that makes this a better hot hatchback. A car where even a Golf R and Focus RS will have respect for.

2020 Honda Civic Type-R AWD and Gas Mileage Test

2020 Honda Civic Type-R Pros and Cons

+ Masterful Powertrain
+ More mature as allrounder

-Feedback control can better
-Only if four-seater available

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