2020 Kia Ceed Dimensions

2020 Kia Ceed Dimensions

No car manufacturer is like doing, learning and retrying as the Korean Hyundai / Kia group. It may not often take the lead with innovation, but looks and copies perfectly what the rest does. The new generation 2020 Kia Ceed climbs a lot closer to the European market leaders.

It is already the third generation of the Ceed, the car that had to equate the Korean brand with the ever-popular compact middle-class cars from Europe. The car always climbs a little closer. Still, the Ceed has never been a hard competitor to the Focuses and Astros of this world until now, but he was good enough – thanks to a favorable price and the good seven-year guarantee – to persuade some people for something different. to choose from. However, Kia is not satisfied with that. The brand takes a long time and wants more. It wants the Ceed to be seen as an equal competitor of a Golf, Astra or 308. Kia wants to be mentioned in the same breath with those success numbers.

That it is not impossible, we see in the A-segment. The youngest generation of Picanto was actually the benchmark in the compact class when it was launched, something that no Korean car had ever succeeded. And between the second generation and third generation Ceed (then still known as Cee’d), Kia came with the Sportage and – more importantly – the Stinger. Cars that propelled the brand in terms of suspension technology and steering with a pace that impressed us. Certainly, that miraculous Stinger is a very good car, with a dynamic level that we did not expect so soon after a Kia Optima. The Koreans, however, learn quickly and adapt. The knowledge that they do not have, they buy. With that science, we step into a brand new Ceed, which is also directly marketed as Sportswagon.

2020 Kia Ceed Redesign

The car is exactly the same length as the previous generation, but slightly wider and lower. The looks improved. The distinctive Tigernose grille remained and the car looks just a bit tougher. With the right color and alloy wheels, there is a very neat car here, even though he and profile are equal to many others in this segment. The interior was also given a decent upgrade. Apart from the qualitative improvement, it now looks less messy.

The multimedia system moved further up and the clocks in front of you have pulled apart. Anything else could also be heard in a car that was launched four years ago. The buttons are rough, the clocks simple.

Kia is more trend follower than a leader, but the brand knows how to score smartly: see what the competition offers space and just go above it: the legroom is leading in its class and the size of the luggage space is among the top three. The main room in the back is also fine, the car is more than good to use as a family car. This is even more true for the SW, which has been unveiled at the same time and will quickly reach the dealers: with 625 liters of space, this station wagon is leading in this segment.

In terms of multimedia, Kia maintains its simple, effective design; in addition, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available for fast connectivity. In terms of safety measures, the Kia has something to offer. Active driver assistance with active lane-keeping and ACC are quite mature, although it is more suitable for traffic jams than actually freeway driving. Here too it is not leading, but quickly following.

However, the chassis has made the biggest step. Since the German miracle engineer and CEO of BMW M, Albert Biermann, has been soaked by BMW at Kia / Hyundai, both the Kia Stinger and the Hyundai i30 N have stunned us. What an unimaginable quality leap they made cars, especially for Koreans. That is palpable, even with a ‘good’ model in the compact middle class as the new 2020 Kia Ceed. The undercarriage handles have been extended and refined: shock absorbers, wheel suspensions, the position and strength of the stabilizer: everything went smoothly. The result is noticeable. The car drives very nice, with a stable, calm chassis that does not scare of quickly taken curves or sudden changes in direction.

On the border, the Ceed is understaffed, where you feel that the back just does not come off when you go off the gas. A clearly deliberate adjustment choice, which is promising for the Ceed GT that will be at the Paris Motor show at the end of this year. On the worst roads, comfort suffers somewhat under tight driving, but on tight Dutch asphalt that does not seem like a problem to us. The steering in the bend is better than when sending in, but you feel fine on the border what happens. Our only complaint is that Kia clearly made some safe choices for the mainstream Ceed. Because of this, the car lacks some personality compared to a model like the Stinger, but also in comparison with the Picanto and the Sportage. That, fortunately, says nothing about the quality or technical possibilities. Perhaps the yet to be published Proceed becomes something more exciting. This is no longer a three-door, but a shooting brake like the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake.

2020 Kia Ceed Engine Specs

The motor is the range in the Netherlands quite limited, with two petrol engines and two types of diesel. The atmospheric 1.4 does not come to the Netherlands and everyone can be happy with that. The 1.0-three-cylinder, which we know from the Rio, is entry-level and will certainly meet 120 hp. More interesting is the new 1.4-turbo engine with 140 hp: exactly the engine that Kia has missed in recent years. The 1.6-turbo was soon too much of the good (if only because of the price) and the atmospheric 1.6 was on all sides short. The 1.4T knows very well with the 2020 Kia Ceed through its early deliverable torque. Kia even relies on that pulling power that the manual six-speed gearbox has received very long transmissions: you get 100 in the second resistance. A slightly shorter resistance would probably have made the car more lively, but then we are smothering. If desired, the 1.4 and diesel are also available with a seven-speed DCT automatic transmission. The price will increase by € 2,000.

A well-equipped version of the Ceed is not as cheap as Kia used to be; the quality jump has to be paid. Also, a fully loaded version is still cheaper than an equivalent 308 or Golf. The battle with a Focus or Astra becomes

already more exciting, and it is these cars that are currently the most in the Kia-visor. A first confrontation becomes particularly interesting.

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