2020 lexus RX 450hL Hybrid Review – Great Third Row SUV

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 - Lexus

Just add two chairs to the current model? Then according to Lexus, it would be too tight in the RX. So the hybrid SUV grew significantly to accommodate seven people. We went on the road with the 2020 Lexus RX 450hL Hybrid

2020 lexus RX 450hL Hybrid Dimensions Updates

The current generation Lexus RX 450h has been around for over two years, but we have every reason to put it in the spotlight again. The range has been expanded with the 450hL, a version with the third row of seats. Because Lexus wants to keep its reputation of luxury and indulgence, the brand does not just have to move with the furniture to be able to cram two extra chairs. No, the car really had to be broadened inside, with larger external dimensions as a consequence.

The 2020 Lexus RX 450hL Hybrid Height is 1.5 cm higher than the normal version. In addition, the rear window is more upright for extra headroom and the car in total no less than 11 cm longer. All this with a constant wheelbase, which in theory promises little good for the optimal balance of the whole. It is a huge pimple car that ‘hangs behind’, while no adjustments have been made to the part before the C-pillars.

If you know that, you will see that this boy has a stern, but if you take on the confrontation without prior knowledge and therefore without prejudice, it is noticeable. The designers of Lexus have cleverly used the special forms that the C-style already had. If it had been a conventional style, it would have become a half-Atlantik wall due to the extension. But because of the chromed arches, which suggest a long, smooth extra side window, the enormous stern has actually got something elegant and the coup line that is on the regular RX is even better. A great achievement.

2020 Lexus RX 450h L Hybrid Interior

Let’s see what the result is in the interior. In order to be able to vary the space, the middle row of seats has been moved in two parts (40-60) by 15 cm in the direction of travel. He is also placed a little higher to give the people in the back the opportunity to put their feet underneath. The backrest and seat in the middle move forward with a single movement of a lever so that there is a reasonable passage to the rear. Not suitable for a grandmother with her rheumatism, but children will easily clamber inside. It is, of course, the children that you have to place here in the table arrangement. Still, if the middle row is pushed forward, you can still have a nice emergency seat as an adult. You can make the amazone seat even more bearable by folding down the middle 20 percent of the backrest (do not forget to check if anyone is still there!).

As far as facilities are concerned, they are far from emergency seats at the back, because you have their own control panel with a display for the third climate zone and, if you have chosen a more expensive version, two USB connections. Remarkable is that even with the third row of seats upright the trunk space is still pretty decent; You do not often see that with cars that have seven seats. Folding up and down is done completely electrically. You only have to remove the parcel shelf by hand. There is a neat space under the floor reserved for that shelf.

2020 lexus RX 450hL Hybrid 7 Seat Passenger SUVs

In the front, it is also luxury and luxury. The wide chairs are placed quite high and are very good. You have a beautiful view and thanks to the broad design of the instrument panel and the hidden tunnel, the spatial feeling becomes even greater. The center console is turned a bit towards the driver to increase the involvement in driving. The material from the Japanese piano building (Yamaha) next to the poker (a laminate of wood and aluminum) is really beautiful. We are less enthusiastic about the structure of the systems. There is little logic in it, so you often have to search long in the beginning. We have not yet been able to make friends with the navigation system. The instructions are often vague and/or late and although the system that recognizes road signs works nicely, the car gets no information about speed limits. That is all the more difficult because we are driving in Switzerland, the country where the speed limits change even faster than with us and the punishments for violations are almost the level of crime.

2020 Lexus RX 450hL Hybrid Engine Specs, Mpg & Comfort

The Lexus RX is not a sharp driving car, but of course, it is not meant to be. He has a particularly comfortable character, with which the transmission with a planetary gear system, which works as a CVT, contributes significantly. The 105 extra pounds have all been added to the rear, but that is not to be noticed.

This is partly due to the four-wheel drive; in principle, all forces go to the front wheels, but if necessary the second electric motor, which is on the rear axle, works. This way the electronics know how to keep the car in good balance. However, the coach sometimes wants to lightly shine, but certainly within the limits. With its 313 hp combined power, the 2020 Lexus RX 450hL is nice and smooth and you can drive decent parts completely electrically.

Lexus puts its 7 seaters high in the market by making the Business Line the step-by-step version. As a standard, it has leather upholstery, cooling, and heating of the front seats, an electrically operated tailgate, separate climate control, 20-inch wheels and a Safety System + package of safety features.

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