2020 Mercedes B-Class – Specs, Price, & Availability

Thursday, December 6th, 2018 - Mercedes

Here is The New 2020 Mercedes B-Class. The third generation of the Mercedes B-Class is assumed to be a variant Monovolume of Class A in the features and became much more sporty in the silhouette. Arrives in here next February, with prices starting at 33,000 euros for both 200 petrol and 180 D.

2020 Mercedes B-Class Price & Availability

“We asked customers how they liked it to be the 2020 Mercedes B-Class and they responded, that it had a more dynamic appearance.” This is how the product manager, Demetrios Reisner, began his speech of dynamic presentation of the MPV derived from the current Class A, which mixes security technologies and multimedia coming from both S-Class and A-Class.

The physiognomy of the new B has changed a lot. The front immediately identifies it with A-Class and the forms softened, giving it the best aerodynamics of the segment (0,24). It has also grown in every way, providing more space and interior light. The proportion of glazed surface has increased in relation to the thickness of the pillars and the brand also announces an increase in height space.

On the way, it has received an immense update on the chapters of safety and assistive technology, as well as on the passenger’s connectivity and entertainment systems.

As with all Mercedes in the modern era, the large dual digital display dominates the front passenger compartment, including the MBUX multimedia system, which allows you to talk with the car, and can even adapt to some of the user’s customs due to artificial intelligence.

2020 Mercedes B-Class Interior & Volume

Being a minivan, 2020 Mercedes B-Class also provides a functional cabin in terms of space and versatility. There is more flexibility in the interior storage, especially in the luggage compartment, and the seats in the second row can be adjusted in length to a length of 14 cm, although this function is announced only foreseen for the middle of next year, of the front passenger, for the transport of particularly long objects.

The suitcase can thus provide a volume ranging from 455 to 1540 liters. The floor of the suitcase with variable height is now standard.

As far as safety is concerned, New Mercedes B-Class inherits all that the best of the brand has at the moment, even at the level of the S-Class and even with some improvements in relation to it. For example, stand-alone pedestrian-assisted emergency braking is standard; the blind spot alert is more sensitive and works from 10 km / h (before was from 30 km / h) and can even alert a rider.

The parking aid systems have also evolved in the solutions and variety of maneuvers that they can do autonomously and the active speed programmer has the control of the direction and even the speed, according to information received by both the traffic signal reader and by the navigation system. The 2020 Mercedes B-Class equipped with these systems (which are not standard) is able, for example, to adapt the speed to the approach of a rotunda and to return it next; keep the car away from the front with a stop-start function and even carry out a change of track in a fully automatic way, enough to turn on the flashing.

The comfort and well-being of the other users of the passenger compartment also enters the futuristic era, with the B-Class being the first compact to have the Energizing intelligent comfort system, with various types of configurable “environments” that can even be proposed by the car at the same time. depending on the type of journey and driving. Music, air conditioning, ambient light and even the seat settings enter this set of settings.

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