2020 Mercedes CLS First Test; Specs, Redesign, Engine

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2020 Mercedes CLS First Test; Specs, Redesign, Engine – A little 15 years ago Mercedes-Benz had a lot of dust blowing up with the first CLS, a four coupé that inspired competing brands to similar models. Worldwide, the Mercedes CLS (yes, almost young timer!) has already sold more than 375,000 pieces. Now it’s time for the third generation, with the greatest novelty being the new six-cylinders Line engines. That promises a lot of good.

Upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLS 2020 Dimension Size Changes

Yes, that name, let’s have a look at it. Actually, this car, in line with the current type designation at Mercedes, should be called CLE because it is based on the E and not on the S. But there is already an E and an S Coupé. And don’t be put on the wrong leg by the C in the name.

No, the 2020 Mercedes CLS is a completely self-contained model within Mercedes. It is six inches longer than the current E and also a little bit lower. The latest information may be slightly less extreme than the first CLS, which loosened the tongues, especially with his looks. Yet the silhouette of the side – especially the window Party – has remained the same over the years, as are the doors without a window frame. The interior, and the dashboard in particular, seamlessly connects to that of the youngest models of Mercedes, where it has given way traditional instruments for a 12.3-inch display.

In this case, there is even two side by side. The menus are easy to operate using the buttons on the handlebars. Or with the large turn-push on the Center tunnel. The ventilation grills also jump directly into the eye. For its design, the designers were inspired by the jet engine, a power source that apparently still inspires them.

Already in the 1950s, this style was popular with American cars, as aircraft with the jet engine were strongly emerging. That period is therefore also called the Jet Age. That the material used and the finishing of the absolute top class are, let’s guess. We expect no different from this brand and certainly not in a car that costs almost a ton.

2020 Mercedes CLS Diesel Engine Performance

2020 Mercedes CLS Hybrid; Litle Bit

For the richest, we have dropped the choice on the 450, because we haven’t driven that engine yet. This is a six-in-line. Why did Mercedes actually get off the V6? “In the 1990s we switched from line to V, as we built many V8 engines from which the V6 was derived. Now that is no longer the case and you see that the strongest six cylinders take over the role of the eight cylinders, we hear from Michael Kelz, head of development 2020 Mercedes CLS. The six-in-line of the 450 features EQ Boost. This is a start dynamo that is built between the gearbox and the engine and provides extra power at the accelerate.

EQ Boost can provide short-term 22 hp and 250 Nm extra and is coupled to a 48-volt board system. In fact, you can speak of a hybrid; A similar system already applied Honda in the Civic Hybrid, under the name IMA (Integrated Motor Assist). After pressing the Start button you will not hear the typical starter engine sound, but rather a kind of hum, after which the engine appears to be awakened to life. Due to the dropping of the dynamo and the starter motor on the side of the engine, extra space for the exhaust system arose.

Of course, all this technique is not only for more power, but above all to reduce emissions of CO2, and fuel consumption. Moreover, this gasoline engine is equipped with a particle filter. The consumption indication is 7.8 l/100 km, an optimistic number. In practice, calculate more than 9.0 l/100 km. Against the performance and the high vehicle weight (almost two tonnes!) is that a neat value. The 450 has standard 4Matic (four-wheel drive), just like the two six-cylinder types of diesel.

Third Generation Mercedes Cls Interior Images

2020 Mercedes CLS Engine Performance

To fall into the house: that engine is fantastic. It makes his power unimaginably easy and surpasses the 3.0-liter six-in-line of the BMW 540i. Of course, such a six-cylinder sounds blissful and he continues to stand by his virtually vibration free loop. Especially impressive is the ease with which the 2020 Mercedes CLS from 100 to 200 km/h sprint. This machine surpasses the V6 from the current E43 AMG (which incidentally Plaatsmaakt for the E53 AMG) and therefore does not desire even more power. The Negentraps machine is at least as brilliant. The chassis and control have different modes. If you choose Comfort, it will all be very woolly; That mode is nice on the highway, by the way. If you choose Sport or Sport +, the CLS will heavier and make you feel better what the front wheels do. The damping is also harder. But it’s a Mercedes, so the balance remains very good. And he can, if you feel like it, also prune hard through curves, without under or overspend. In short: Top class. Many assistive systems are standard, including Pre-Safe sound, which prepares your hearing on the sound that is being collided.

Where the 2020 Mercedes CLS does not excel, is in interior space. In the front, it is a good place to sit, although you can quickly sit with your head against the roof, and head and leg room shortages. In addition, you have to bend a lot during boarding, the price you pay for the low roofline. This limits the visibility around, as well as the fairly flat-lying C-pillars. Apparently, not everyone chooses the target group for a car with a higher entry level. The engine supply is extended with two four cylinders, one diesel, and one gasoline. The latter will go through life as 350, with 300 Pkcen 400 Nm. But of course, you want a fine six cylinder in a car like this.

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