2020 Mercedes EQC Preview – The New 402-Horsepower Electric SUV

Thursday, September 6th, 2018 - 2016

It was presented the first model of the German electric vehicle sub-vehicle, the 2020 Mercedes EQC. This is a non-polluting, all-wheel-drive SUV that uses two engines to get 408hp and promises dynamic driving.

2020 Mercedes EQC Price & Availability

“Electrical mobility already has a Mercedes.” This is the motto for the arrival of a model that the brand of the star affirms to be a pioneer in this area, through a combination of elegance, luxury, and dynamism, and that begins to an offensive to which other automobiles are already promised as the compact Mercedes EQA.

With an image that mixes the progressive design philosophy with the cannons of the sub-created for the emission models 0, precisely the EQ, this vehicle adds new specific attributes destined to emission vehicles 0 and still a very nice power level, with 408cv obtained by motors placed on both axes. The production of the 2020 Mercedes EQC will be allocated to the factory of Bremen, from 2019, and it is not yet known when it will be opened for commercialization.

2020 Mercedes EQC Styling

The Mercedes’ electric SUV announces generous dimensions, where the 4761mm long, 1884mm wide and even 1624mm high stand out. Added to this are measures that impact habitability, where the wheelbase of 1625mm is emphasized. And in addition to transporting the occupants, there is even more 500l capacity in the luggage compartment.

With a body that is halfway between the SUVs and the SUV Coupé, the front of the Mercedes EQC immediately signals its different nature. The most striking feature is the panel that replaces the usual grille, in black and blue tones as an EQ style signature, which is surrounded by a fiber optic strip that blends with the visual diurnal signature of the optical groups.

2020 Mercedes EQC Interior – MBUX

On board, we also have different characteristics, with what is designated as “an avant-garde electronic visual”. Thus, the Mercedes EQC has elements such as air vents with gold-rose surround, and where the presentation of the elements will be markedly different. This is because in MBUX there will be specific graphics, with elements such as load status and energy flow. There is even a specific menu for all this information, easily accessible through a key on the lower left control panel of the MBUX.

A different set of intelligent solutions designed to optimize emissions travel is also present. This is the case with EQ optimized navigation, which plans the route taking into account its speed, changes during the journey and the shortest loading time possible.

Depending on mood or to suit the chosen interior, the user has a choice of three different styles:

  • Modern Classic is a further development of the classic display style in an elegant and light material mix.
  • Sport has a high-tech turbine look with decidedly sporty black/yellow contrasts.
  • Electric Art presents its digital look in reduced form, and emotively displays the current state of the e-drive system. The visible color changes explain and thrill in equal measure. The glass dials change from rosé-gold in Drive mode to white, and to “Electric Blue” during recuperation. The media display clearly presents the functional aspects of the energy situation, e.g. the energy flow or the power consumption history.

2020 Mercedes EQC Engine Specs – POWER BOOST

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to travel more than 450km before thinking about connecting the Mercedes EQC to the plug, as this is the range offered by the 80kWh lithium-ion battery. It will serve to power, with an announced consumption of 22kWH / 100km, the electric motors placed on the two axles that offer 408cv of power and 765Nm of torque. And they are sure to be able to drive in all scenarios, as the extensive testing phase has gone through extremes of heat in Spain and extreme cold in Sweden.

With a top speed that is limited to 180 km / h, an acceleration capacity of up to 100km / h is announced in just 5.1 seconds. A very interesting value, considering that only the battery pack means a weight of 650kg and the total weight of the SUV exceeds two tons.

Reference is also made to the loading capabilities of the Mercedes EQC, which can go from 10% to 80% of the load in just 40 minutes when using a 110KW quick connection. If you choose to have a domestic socket the connection is slower, but alternatively, a WallBox of the brand is available that accelerates to triple the speed at which the Mercedes EQC “supplies” in a domestic environment. And finding a location to connect to the water-cooled OBC onboard charger with 7.4kW capacity will not be difficult as the first EQ can connect to different charging points, CCS and CHAdeMo.

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV - Technical Images

With all these features that guarantee freedom of movement for those who opt for electric mobility, it is enough to choose now the mode of driving in the Mercedes EQC. And there are five possibilities to choose from since the preprogrammed Comfort, Eco, Max Range and Sport are combined with a customizable mode. But this can only be tested from 2019, when entering the factory lines of the star brand in Bremen the first model in the range with which it intends to revolutionize electric mobility. When prices and start dates of commercialization of the Mercedes EQC, it will be necessary to wait some more time to know all the details.

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