2020 Mercedes V-Class Facelift: New Diesel Engine

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 - Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes

On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes presents the facelift of its large family car, the 2020 Mercedes V-Class. The operation mainly involves a new diesel engine and soon (perhaps) an electric version.

2020 Mercedes V-Class Redesign & Changes

The V-Class, especially popular with VIP shuttle drivers, has been to the plastic surgeon. The model is unveiled today but will make its big public debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show on 5 March 2019. The model was launched in 2014 and has sold no fewer than 205,000 Copies.


The facelift brings with it small aesthetic changes. We notice a new grille and an otherwise styled radiator grille. Somewhat out of date, the AMG Line will be renewed with specific air intakes. We notice 4 new rim designs (17 to 19 inches) while the color palette welcomes new shades.

Inside, only the air vents have a new design. the inside of the 2020 Mercedes V-Class presents a stylized design like a sedan, but with a more spacious size. The free-standing media display is a skillfully designed centerpiece. The driver no longer has to lower his gaze from the road and has an easier view of important information. High-quality materials, smooth transitions, and chrome applications make the V-Class a comfort zone on every journey.

The V-Class is available in three lengths: compact (4895 mm), long (5140 mm) and extra-long (5370 mm). Due to its exclusive interior design, the V-Class EXCLUSIVE is only available as the long variant. The refined design and the high-quality applications in the interior provide the V-Class with a stylish ambiance while its flexible seating concept transforms it into a truly personalized space.

Engine Specs – New Diesel Engine

The real novelty of this V-Class is actually hidden under the hood because a new 2-liter four-cylinder diesel is introduced. It is offered as 250d and 300d with 190 or 239 hp respectively. Mercedes says that he is correcting one of the main flaws of the V-Class, namely a diesel engine that produces less vibration and noise than its predecessor. Optionally, the automatic transmission now has 9 gears. Mercedes is also announcing that a 100% electric concept of this V-Class will be presented at the stand in Geneva. That will be called EQV. With a production version in prospect?

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