2020 Polestar 1; Volvo Brand Group Brand With Super Hybrid Car

Friday, November 10th, 2017 - Volvo

Polestar, the new sporting brand of the Volvo Car Group, presents its first model, a Coupe de Grand Touring, Hybrid refillable, developing a power of 600 hp.

2020 Polestar 1 Dimensions

It is not a Volvo but a Polestar, the first to wear the star-shaped logo of the sporting brand. After developing over vitamin variants of the S60 and V60 Road, Polestar becomes a full-fledged brand that is poised to launch three electrified models with very high performance, by 2021.

Volvo and its Chinese owner Geely Holding announced a joint investment of 640 million euros to finance the initial phase of development of the brand, products, and industrialization.

2020 Polestar 1 Dashboard Features Images

While China is being touted as the leader in the electrification of the world’s automotive market, Polestar 1 will be produced in a new unit located in Chengdu. The plan produced by the brand new Volvo Car Group has also been presented in Shanghai.

The first of the rope, the Coupe Polestar 1 uses a shortened wheelbase version (-320 mm) from the Volvo SPA platform of the S90, but its designers insist that 50% of its components are new. The steel floor is preserved but it receives a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body, assembled by gluing. 230 kg would thus have been earned, causing a lowering of the centre of gravity.

This relief was all the more desirable if the Polestar 1 was a rechargeable hybrid model with three electric motors in addition to its thermal engine, two connected to the rear wheels and a third one acting as an alternate starter. Which must be added three packs of batteries, one in the central tunnel and two in the rear, with a total capacity of 34 kWh. What to ensure 150 kilometers of electrical autonomy, according to the standard NEDC, which is, for the time being, a record for a refillable hybrid.

Although it was developed from the SPA platform, the Polestar 1 is in no way an S90 coupe, but a real 2 + 2-seater GT. The style is the result of a work between the two brands that had given birth to the Volvo Concept Coupe presented at the Frankfurt Salon in 2013. Compared to the S90 sedan, the Polestar 1 coupe with a reduced rear overhang of 200 mm is, at about 4.50 meters, significantly shorter. It is also much more powerful.

The power mode, combining the 336 ch/370 NM of its 4-cylinder 2-litre turbo + compressor with the 218 ch/480 NM of its two rear electric machines and the 46 hp/150 NM of the alternator-starter, provides a total of 600 hp and 1,000 nm.

The chassis would not be left out. A judicious distribution of the hybridization components allowed the weights to be balanced between the two axles (48/52%). The front gear is in superimposed aluminium triangles, the rear multiarm train has a transverse spring blade in composite materials. Polestar also requested Ohlins, a leading Swedish suspension specialist, to develop variable continuously-setting shock absorbers.

2020 Polestar 1 Black Color Coupe

The mark specifies that the electric motors propelling the rear wheels can be steered differently to help wind the curve (torque vectoring effect). The Polestar Coupe 1 shoes of 21-inch wheels, a sufficient diameter to accommodate 400 mm discs pinched at the front by 6-piston Akebono monoblock calipers.

The production will commence at mid-2019 and shall not exceed 500 copies per year. The Volvo group is naturally aware that it is particularly difficult to integrate the very closed upper room of sports car manufacturers. A fortiori when launching a new brand.

Instead of selling its coupe, it decided to offer it exclusively for rent over two or three years, including maintenance and a few services including a concierge. The reservation can be made from now on the website of the brand, which also provides separate “digital” sales spaces from Volvo concessions.

After the Coupé 1, all Polestar models that follow will be equipped with a 100% electric motorization. A sedan named 2 will enter into production fin 2019. It will be a mission to compete against the Tesla Model 3. Then comes the Polestar 3 which will be a big SUV. Its size and tariff position it between models 1 and 2.

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