2020 Range Rover Sport SVR Preview; is That Worth it?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 - Land Rover

To increase the fun they have further increased the performance of the 2020 Range Rover Sport SVR at Special Vehicle Operations. Its offroad capabilities in spite

2020 Range Rover Sport SVR Redesign and Changes

At the end of last year, Land Rover gave the Range Rover Sport an interim update. In addition, the car has a slightly tighter nose, just like the Velar with a multimedia system with two large touchscreens and the functionality of the various assistance systems to a higher plan lifted. We find the most important changes under the bonnet. For example, in addition to the V6 and V8 petrol engines, the 300 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder Ingenium engine is now available (2.0 Si4). Although you may wonder what it adds when you consider that the Range Rover Sport is now also available as a plug-in hybrid with a total power of 404 hp. Thanks to CO2 emissions of only 64 g / km (and therefore modest bpm), it even has a lower purchase price than the 2.0 Si4.

All good and good, but the best news comes from the Special Vehicle Operations department: it not only increased the SVR’s power with its supercharged V8 to 575 horsepower, but also put the chassis under the light again and, where necessary, an additional point. And then you can still take it seriously into the field, that is what Land Rover, of course, requires at its stand. But well, for € 210.365 you can also expect something.

We can not call the orange monster that is ready for us with the best will of the world a modest appearance. Not only does the color indicate that it is different, it is also underlined by the dark carbon bonnet with its large slots through which the warm air from the radiators is drained, the 22-inch wheels that barely hide the view of the red brake calipers and the exhaust pipes – as big as chutes – that pierce the rear bumper. Every feeling for understatement is hard to find with this car. The Range Rover Sport SVR is located in the select circle of super-active SUVs, including the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, the Mercedes GLE AMG 63 S and the BMW X5 M. And further … yes, and furthermore not many other models than these big boys with a heavy 550 hp.

The Range Rover has the same impressive V8 with a mechanical compressor as the Jaguar F-type SVR. In this low sports car, the extremely sophisticated machine provides fireworks and that is no different in the big SUV. Despite the extra kilos (the Range Rover Sport SVR weighs 2,310 kg) the V8 knows how to push the Range Rover forward with a raw brul rap. The response to the throttle pedal is very good thanks to the mechanical compressor, and the eight-speed automatic transmission also has no doubts about what to do.

Top class! Nice detail: the gearbox does not work with a rotary knob, like the regular Land Rovers and Jaguars, but with a poker where you can give a little bit if you ever want to interfere with the gear selection. Although you basically do not have to worry about speeds and gear selection, even the head-up display contains a tachometer: everything for the experience. And that is there! This is what you want!

2020 Range Rover Sport SVR Interior Features

2020 Range Rover Sport SVR Performance On The Asphalt

You may wonder why you want a high car like this with all kinds of artifice to drive like a low sports car. If that is your starting point, you better look after something else. No, they have done their job well under the smoke of Birmingham and the Range Rover Sport SVR has been given a chassis that is capable of directing the violence of the V8. The revised tuning of the shock absorbers in particular results in only minimal movement of the carriage and tires that maintain an exemplary contact with the road surface. There is no shortage of traction, even if it is necessary to brake. If it were a Jaguar, there would now be a comparison with claws in the asphalt.

Honest is fair, it is not to disguise that there is a heavyweight around the corner, because if you go at speed in the bend, he presses through. Nevertheless, with this monster you can go around a circuit without a hint of pain – the no less than 30 kilos of sport seats will keep you neatly in place. Only the chance that something like this car happens is probably a little smaller than that his owner will use him offroad. Inherent to the type of car is that the steering is not as direct and informative as for example with the Jaguar F-type, and here and there he may just miss the sharpness you find with the Germans. Keep in mind, however, that this is done at a very high level and that the differences are only nuances. At the other end of the spectrum, the Range Rover Sport SVR, despite all its anabolics, is also able to dive into the mud somewhere in the Highlands (and get out again unscathed). And between Highlands and Nordschleife you can travel comfortably with the 2020 Range Rover Sport SVR if you have to travel comfortably … but that is not exactly in anonymity.

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