2020 Seat Tarraco Review: Dimensions, Features, Price

Monday, December 31st, 2018 - Seat

Brand new large SUV, the 2020 SEAT Tarraco is designed for space and comfort, with the capacity to seat 7 people. Discover The Design, Specs, Interior & More. With the Tarraco, Seat launches its third SUV. Of course, it has a lot in common with other models of the VW group but introduces a new design language for the Spanish brand.

2020 Seat Tarraco Fuel Economy

2020 Seat Tarraco Concept

The arrival of a third SUV as a new top model makes Seat look bright, especially because it belongs in a segment that the managers of the brand expect to grow by about 40 percent by 2025. Following a good Seat custom, the model is named after a Spanish city, but this time it happened after a naming contest in which more than 146,000 people took part – and whose announcement of the result had to be ironically postponed by the aftermath of that other referendum around that same period stirred the mood in Catalonia.

2020 Seat Tarraco Changes

The 2020 Seat Tarraco is the Seat counterpart of the Skoda Kodiaq and the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace and is on the same MQB platform as its Czech and its German cousin, namely the version with an extended wheelbase. That means not only that he can count on a multi-arm rear axle, but also that the 4.73 meters long SUV can be ordered with seven seats. As often happens in the latter case, however, he fails to take on the role of a large one-volume, because the two extra places in the suitcase are really only suitable for children, and even those will be a little bit with their knees sit their chin. Moreover, it also requires some flexibility to get there.

We also largely know the engine range from the sister brands, although the combination options are somewhat more limited. It starts with petrol side with the 1.5 TSI of 150 hp, which strangely enough is only available with a manual gearbox with six ratios and with front wheel drive. On the diesel side, the entry version is the 150 hp version of the proven 2.0 TDI. It can be ordered with a manual box and front-wheel drive or with an Automatic sash, but immediately required in combination with four-wheel drive. Those who are more demanding can go to the two-liter TSI or TDI with 190 hp each, both with DSG and 4Drive. Although Seat still wants to profile itself more sporting, is there (for now?) No trace of the TDI 240 that is available in the Tiguan Allspace, for example. However, it would not surprise us if it would come later, possibly together with the FR equipment level that is not yet offered at the launch. What is certain is that (by the end of 2020) there will be a plug-in hybrid version with an electric driving range of around fifty kilometers, and it is said that we could also expect a CNG variant.

However, the 2020 Seat Tarraco is the most distinguished from its cousins when it comes to design. The new model also introduces a new design language for Seat, with the most striking feature being a much more vertical front part, in combination with a bonnet which is also more straightforward. This, together with the (relatively) short overhangs, should ensure a tough look and more presence. The new shape of the radiator grille also contributes to this by emphasizing the width of the car. At the back this task is fulfilled by the line that connects the two rear lights, as in recent models from sister brands Audi or Porsche – only that is never illuminated at the 2020 Seat Tarraco. The new Leon, which will be on the market in the course of 2019, will be the next model to use the new Seat design language.

2020 Seat Tarraco Features/Equipment

As a completely new model, the 2020 Seat Tarraco naturally also takes great care with electronic gadgets, both in terms of driver assistance systems and infotainment. For example, he has the configurable Digital Cockpit of the VW group and Seats Full Link technology, with not only Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but also Alexa, the personal assistant of Amazon, as well as gesture control. In terms of safety (standard or optional) there is an automatic emergency braking function with detection of cyclists, a track assistant, an adaptive speed controller, blind spot control, traffic sign recognition, a filing assistant and Pre-Crash Assist, a function that automatically takes measures to protect the occupants when an accident is unavoidable.

2020 Seat Tarraco Interior & Features

2020 Seat Tarraco Review – on The Road

We have to admit that we had expected the Tarraco to run like a Kodiaq, but we were pleasantly surprised, in the sense that the Seat behaves much less skim than the Skoda and impressively flat through the turn – for an SUV of this size even almost dynamic. And the best thing is that he does not seem to pay a high price for suspension comfort, even on wheels of 20 inches, although we’ll have to check that again on Belgian roads. We were also impressed by the sound attenuation, even with the TDI, which although under load may bard, but which is otherwise pleasantly quiet.

On the highway, the inside is even so quiet that the wind sounds again become more noticeable. Only the Tarraco does not give his passengers the feeling that the raft is improving; Seat gives the 150 hp versions a time of just under ten seconds to pull from 0 to 100 km / h, while the 190 hp twin titers would complete that exercise even in eight seconds. Subjectively, however, that does not feel that way. In the case of the 2.0 TDI 190 that we drove with, that was probably mainly due to the steering of the DSG gearbox, which even in the Sport mode turned out to be pretty lazy and especially distinguished by (too) long high in the revs to linger. The manual 1.5 TSI then only comes to life above 1,750 o / m.

2020 Seat Tarraco Price

For the Tarraco, Seat drops its usual entry version Reference and the range starts immediately with the Style. The equipment is also correspondingly, but the result is that the starting prices are a lot higher than for the Skoda Kodiaq (about 4,000 euros depending on the drive unit).

The 190 hp versions are also only available in the provisional top version XCellence (the FR comes as stated later), so that for the 2.0 TDI 190 at least 44.780 euro lost – without any options – making a rival as a Nissan X-Trail suddenly looks like a bargain. The Tiguan Allspace makes it even brighter in this area.

With the 2020 Seat Tarraco , Seat hopes to continue to follow the road of success. We do not see why that would not work, because the Spanish SUV (which by the way is the only non-VW in Wolfsburg) has no shortage of qualities, starting with a personality with which he distinguishes himself sufficiently from his Czech and his German cousin .

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