2020 Toyota Aygo Redesign, Specs, Interior & Equipment

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 - Toyota

While Peugeot and Citroën at the technically identical 108 and C1 are sufficient with the overhaul of the engine, Toyota brings it’s in 2014 introduced Aygo around at the time. The ‘ X ‘ on the nose is considerably less striking, but also in other areas there is plenty of news to discover.

2020 Toyota Aygo Purple Color

The sharpened variant must prevent the Aygo from snowing in the flow of automobile and has to start a modernized appearance. At first glance, this seems to be an end to the striking, contrast-colored ‘ X ‘, which, as a kind of mask, determined the face of the 2020 Toyota Aygo. The shape is still there, but less conspicuous. New headlights with built-in LED daytime running light eyes some more ‘ AF ‘ than the separate led strips that were previously mounted in the bumper. The rear lights also have standard led technology from now on. What remains is the ability to individualize the appearance of the Aygo by adding accents in contrast color. Also the ‘ Japanese ‘-the little ones come in reality from the Czech Republic-thanks to its sharp lines and aggressive nose still quite different than the C1 and 108, which have some rounder and friendlier-looking carriages.

2020 Toyota Aygo Engine Specs

The 1.0 VVT-I three-cylinder, which in the primal Aygo has such a typical rag, is still there. The engine was once again kept up to date with the generation switch, and now the block, encouraged by the new WLTP measurement cycle for emissions and consumption, is again on the turn. Besides lower consumption, this update also provides more power, although it only saves 3 HP with the 69 HP strong predecessor. Less measurable, but important, is the fact that Toyota has added more ways to the block; A new balance sheet must provide a better station air loop. Toyota brings the engine, originally from Daihatsu stables, into a normal version and an Eco-variant. Because the CO2 emissions of the latter are a few grams lower and the regular version would be more expensive, the Eco-package in our country is standard. This means that the Aygo is always equipped with a start-stop system and tires with a lower rolling resistance. The fourth and fifth gear was longer, for a lower speed on velocity. At certain speeds, it does have a somewhat opposing three cylinder.

The 1.0 fits well with the 2020 Toyota Aygo, although you don’t have to expect the extra horsepower to make him really smooth. The predicate ‘ sufficient ‘ is more in place. The characteristic rag is still there as said; He is even quite emphatically present. That is striking as the insulation at the facelift was also upgraded. A pity is that when gas is released, drive or switch quickly a shock goes through the car. That doesn’t feel so sophisticated.

2020 Toyota Aygo Redesign & Equipment

In other areas, however, there is little to complain about while driving. The steering is sufficiently communicative, the undercarriage works neatly away and although on the highway there is quite a lot of noise from tires and wind to the interior, the engine certainly does not sound as if the rack is completely out. It is very unfortunate that cruise control is still not available.

Driver and passengers overlook a dashboard that is on some details after being identical to the copy of before the facelift. The cheerful looking, playful whole is made up of hard materials and uncovered sheet metal plays a big role on the doors, but that is what we see at more cars in this price range. The creatively-divided toolbox actually houses a tachometer and the centrally placed on-board computer is very informative.

More expensive versions are given a multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen, which now also supports Android car and Apple Carplay. Previously it was already possible to connect your phone to the system via Mirror Link, but the solutions of the two well-known tech giants are a particularly welcome addition.

What, of course, has not changed in the facelift is the interior. The location of the rear seat is logical, but the 198 liters of luggage space is still part of the smallest of the smaller ones. In addition, on the inside of the narrow glass tailgate, some money has been saved: several plugs, screws, and bolts are open and exposed.

2020 Toyota Aygo Engine Specs & Fuel Economy

That looks a little cheap but with a one of €11,695 ís the Aygo that itself is happy as well. For that money, Toyota supplies the three-door ‘ x ‘ without air conditioning. The five-door X-Fun with this feature stands for €13,495. The 2020 Toyota Aygo is still competitive. Meanwhile, after half of the buyers in this segment, a private lease construction is underway.

2020 Toyota Aygo Pros & Cons

+ Playful Appearance
+ Android car and Apple Carplay
-Not very sophisticated
-No cruise control

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