2020 Toyota Corolla US Redesign, Interior Changes Deatail

Saturday, March 24th, 2018 - Toyota

Here is 2020 Toyota Corolla US. Last month, Toyota presented the completely new Auris in Geneva International Motor Show. At the first large fair in North America, the variant that appears on the road is followed by a different name.

2020 Toyota Corolla US VS Ford Focus

On the tailgate is in the US namely Corolla instead of Auris. This name disappeared from the brochures with us in 2010, but in other parts of the world Toyota is still performing the corolla, mostly as a sedan. Similarly in North America. There appeared in 2015 a sporty version of our hatchback Auris under the name Scion IM. Last year that car changed, after the disappearance of the brand name Scion, in the Toyota Corolla IM. To make things easier now, the Auris as we know him in North America is on the market as a Corolla Hatchback.

The pictures show that little has changed to the European appearance before the market introduction in New York. Fun for us is that we see the Toyota in a different color now. We had to do it so far with the brown introduction colour with the black roof. The American car is placed in the blue on the pictures. In addition, we see for the first time a large rear spoiler. What is even more important is that we face the interior of Toyota’s newest model for the first time (thanks to our loyal and attentive readers). The big screen that is placed centrally on the dashboard of course is immediately in the eye. Furthermore, we see many tight lines that we also encounter on the outside of the carriage. In America, they meet the 2020 Toyota Corolla US at the New York International Auto Show next week. Yesterday Wijvoor saw the AurisTS pass the first time.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Interior

Nice snoot and only that C-style I find nothing. Since the first Auris I have had some trouble with that. Think that a tight straight line or, if necessary, a hofmeister kink was really more beautiful and also more in line with the best dynamic shapes of the front and back. Would not be wrong to call the Auris again simply Corolla. The 2020 Toyota Corolla was an icon that will not succeed Toyota with the Auris. Corolla also sounds much better. Here too, the much too large multimedia system gets a prominent place on the dashboard. Attention is heard on the road, not on a screen.

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