2020 VW T-Cross Fuel Economy

2020 VW T-Cross Fuel Economy

this is her 2020 VW T-Cross, small and compact SUV from Volkswagen. measuring just 4.1 meters, making it the smallest SUV from Volkswagen.

Small on the outside and very spacious inside, with a versatile passenger compartment and unusual technologies for the segment, this is how Volkswagen wants to attack the fastest growing segment in the automobile market, with 2020 VW T-Cross. Its compact SUV, made on the same Polo platform (MQB A0), is only 4.107 m long (only the Ford is shorter), but it is astonished by the space it provides for passengers ‘ legs, especially in the back!

The posterior seat slides in a 15 cm course, making the bag capacity vary between the 385 and the 455 liters, and can reach the 1281 liters with the back of the batted banks (60:40). There will also be the option of the front passenger seatback hitting, allowing the transport of objects about two meters long. A surfboard, for example, in a car facing a young clientele.

Compact crossovers like the Renault Captur have not been dragging for years, but at the Volkswagen Group, you have to look for such cars with a magnifying glass. The seat is the only brand of the group that has a ‘ B-segment ‘ cross-over on the price list with the Arona. Skoda is in the long run with a variation on the Arona theme, a car of which we already got a taste with the Vision X. This year Volkswagen is finally presenting its version of the Arona, the T-Cross. Today, the brand releases the first information about the compact Hoogpotige and sends a series of photographs of packed test specimens into the world. In 2019 the car is at the Dutch dealers.

After the Touareg, Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace and T-Roc the 2020 VW T-Cross is the fifth and directly also the smallest SUV of the Volkswagen. The car measures 4.1 meters in length and is 1.56 meters high. The T-Cross, which is on the same platform as the Polo, is a mere centimeters shorter than the 4.14 meter long Seat Arona. He is also a few millimeters higher than the Spanish counterpart. However, the car is marginally longer and higher than the Polo.

2020 VW T-Cross Engine Specs

Volkswagen reports that it puts four engines on the International engine list. The petrol list consists of three tsi: the 95 HP Strong 1.0 TSI, the 115 hp Strong 1.0 TSI and a 150 hp strong 1.5 tsi. Two three-pitters and one four-cylinder so on the petrol department. Diesel with only one variant, the 95 hp 1.6 TDI.

The 2020 Volkswagen T-Cross gets a sliding back seat which makes the luggage compartment variable in size. The car can lug around with the bench up 385 to 455 liters. Later this year the T-Cross is presented in its entirety.

2020 VW T-Cross Fuel Economy Pictures

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